• Running through darkness. It’s coming. I can feel the empty eye sockets staring at me, I start to feel my heart beats getting faster. Hands reaching out for me, wanting to take me into the darkness. Turn me into one of them. I come to a fork in the road. I stand there looking from left to right. Which one?
    I chose neither. I started to run down the middle of the two roads, the demon still behind me, my breathes getting heavier, and shorter. My foot slipped under me and I hit the ground with a thump. I made myself get back up I stood on my foot and felt pain surge through it. "Dang it" I whispered to myself.
    I felt the grass around me starting to die under my feet. It was coming. I ran ignoring the pain surging through my body, my body was trying to give up but I wouldn’t allow it too. I saw more land, this one alive. Flowers of all colors, bright green grass, Giant oak trees with bark the color of dirt, and apples that were brighter than the color red would wish to be.
    I felt hope run through my body, but hope was just a thing in fairy tales that parents told their kids to sleep better. A cliff. I stopped in my tracks and listened to the pebbles I had kicked fall down the pit of darkness.
    The demon grabbed me, and reached into my chest where my heart beat. I felt my body start to freeze. I was dying. Tears ran down my cheeks, I didn’t want it to end like this. Not in this place. The demon took its hand out and turned me around to face its horrifying face. Razor sharp teeth, it was like it was made of black smoke, its skin never moving, but it was a shadow black. Its eye sockets were empty like he knew and had blood pouring out of them. I turned my head. The demon held a clock in front of my face.
    It glowed maroon. "This is the time left in your life. 12:01 you die in this spot!" the demon chuckled.
    My eyes grew with fear. I slowly turned my head to the clock and saw the time 11:59. I had two minutes left of my life. There was nothing I could do it was the end, no one could save me. 12:00. A minute. I let more tears fall. Why did this always happen to me? No one else? 12:01... My body went stiff. The demon's chuckles were all I could hear.
    My eyes opened to the darkness of my room, and in front of me stood the thing. The demon. I started to run.