• Zoey looked at the other side of the river. A unicorn. The unicorn was drinking from the river. It's horn dipped into the water and made it ripple. Zoey stared at it. The unicorn looked up at her. She could feel it's intense gaze upon her. Zoey looked at Charley, he was leaning over the water splashing water on his arm. She watched the scarlet blood stain the crystal clear water.
    "Here." She tore off the sleeve of her dress. "Keep it covered it might get dirty."
    Zoey wrapped the cloth around his arm. She could feel the muscles in his arm.
    "There" She said as she tied the last knot.
    "Thanks" Charley looked up at Zoey.
    She looked back at him. His blue eyes looked even more intense against his black hair shining in the moonlight. Zoey saw him looking at her. She met his gaze. Charley leaned in close and pressed his lips against hers. This is my first kiss Zoey thought His lips were soft against hers. Zoey snapped back to reality. She pushed him back.
    "Stop" She wiped her lips.
    "I'm sorry but I had to do that." He sounded sincere.
    "Let's just forget that ever happened. Okay?"