• Walking down the road, Zach had the feeling he was being followed. He could tell, because the air carried a evil presence. Making a bunch of twists and turns along him path, he concentared on the sounds around him. The night animals about the forest floor, the bugs and birds muttering, and the whisper of death in the wind, was normal and concern was un-needed. He continued walking, silently laughing at himself for his concern. That is, until he heard the sound of a cloak, quietly, but surely moving along the road. Zach turned around, only to be faced with a darked cloaked figure. Zach could see its dark eyes, like death was calling to him.
    The figure pulled out a letter and a sowrd. It disappeared, and to Zach's suprise, appeared behind him. Knowing it was to late, Zach felt the blade enter his back. Zach fell to the ground, silenced by the pain.
    "you...wil..live..not..for..long.." the figure spoke. It was a man. "take..this letter..to..the..rest..of..the..elites.." and with that, the man disappeared yet again. The elites? how could that man possibly know he was one of them? In that case, he surely should have killed Zach. Elites are skilled asassins who are part of an organization to overthrow the king of shadows, otherwise, the king of death. Zach got up, with the letter in hand. How? How could he have known? Very well, i shall do as he says, thought Zach. He then continued walking aling the path, covering his wound as best as he could. He needed to find out the truth. There was now a new threat. Surely that man knew about the others. He had to warn them. He alone could not stop him, for the man was masked in a dark power. Zach's magic could not sense him, and he couldn't cast a spell. He had to get the letter to the others. Fast