• Part 2 - Burning Rivalry

    Manami Shikai Nara
    Part 1

    Manami continued toward the figure. "Don't take one more step!" The figure cried. Before she knew it, kunai's were flying at Manami with incredible speed. Manami did a series of hand signs. "Reflect Shadow!" She called out her newly created jutsu. All the kunai stopped right before they hit Manami. She controlled the knives with shadows and sent the many kunai knives back at the mysterious foe. "Ahh!" The sweet voice cried out. One kunai had hit her arm. "Hinata Hyuga." Manami said as she approached Hinata.

    Manami and Hinata have had a huge rivalry, over Naruto, before Manami had left to train. Hinata had an almost spiteful look in her eyes. "What's with that look?" Manami asked. Manami ignored it. Blood was gushing out from Hinata's wound. Manami sat down next to Hinata. She shuffled threw her sack when she took out her medical kit. "Wa, what are you doing?" Hinata asked shocked that Manami was actually helping her. Manami removed the kunai from Hinata's arm. Blood spat out from her arm and onto Manami's lap. "What does it look like? I'm helping you." Manami replied. Hinata grunted when the knife was free from her arm. "It's okay.." Manami promised Hinata, half sighing that she would fall for Manami's obvious jutsu. Manami took out a special ointment that the Mist Village taught her to make for stopping the flow of blood. Manami applied the ointment; Hinata grunted, it stung. Manami then wrapped a bandage around her arm and stood up. "Hey, I'm sorry about that, Hina-chan." Manami said as she helped Hinata up. "I'm fine, thank you." Hinata replied, shocked that Manami still remembered her childhood nickname.

    "So when did you get back?" Hinata asked in her once again sweet voice. Manami smiled that toothy "I'm gonna rub something in your face." look. "Actually. I just finished a bowl of ramen with Naru-kun." Manami gloated, trying to make Hinata jealous. It worked. Now Hinata was nibbling on her jacket sleeve, turning a light shade of red due to anger. "Heh, don't worry. Iruka-sensei was there so nothing went on." Manami explained. Hinata turned to Manami, her anger lowering. "As long as I feel for Naruto-kun I will never allow you to have him! Cos that's my nindo; My ninja way!" Hinata declared. Manami smiled. "I will win over Naruto, and then beat you in a fight too!" Manami seemed certain that she would beat Hinata, and she knew for a fact that she would win over Naruto.

    Two figures came into view. They were Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Akamaru, Kiba's pet dog, ran up to Manami and began to growl at her. "Awe, Akamaru how you've grown!" She exclaimed, petting Akamaru's soft fur. "Manami, you're back?" Kiba asked, shocked. "Well duh, what, you thought I went away forever?" She asked sarcastically. Shino just stood there, taking no real interest in what was going on around him. He seemed to be studying some bugs on one of the wooden poles. "Hey, Shino!" Manami called, walking away from Akamaru and over to Shino. "What are you doing?" She asked him, looking at the purple and black bugs. "I'm studying this rare stink bug, mind you." He replied rudely. "Heh, still as unfriendly as ever I see." Manami said in a playful way. Kiba was a bit shocked by Manami's sudden mood shifts.

    "Well I've spent to much time here, I really need to get going and find Shikamaru. Anyone seen him lately?" Manami asked. Hinata and Kiba shook their heads as Shino was to involved with his smelly stink bugs to listen, nor care. "Alright, well I'll be off then." Manami brushed past Hinata as she walked away from the training field. "Naruto will be mine." She claimed boldly before walking off. Hinata's angered expression returned, but Manami had already walked off. Manami's next destination was to see Grandma Fifth. She walked into the home of the Hokage, and noticed a large door. Manami knocked and then pulled open the door. "Manami, is that you?" Tsunade asked. "Yes, Grandma Fifth. I came here about my placement.." Tsunade nodded for Manami to come in. She walked up to two chair in front of Tsunade's desk. Tsunade looked through many files and many papers were shuffled around. After a few minutes of shuffling, she pulled out Team 7's paper. She read over the file. "Team 7 has been lacking a member for about three or so years..." Tsunade started.

    "Team 7?!" Manami exclaimed. "That's Naru-kun's team!" She was excited, hoping and preying that she was placed under Kakashi's team. "So do you accept, Manami Shikai Nara?" Tsunade asked, pulling out two papers. "Yes, Lady Fifth, I do!" Manami said happily. Tsunade handed the two papers to her. "Then fill these papers out and return them to me tomorrow by three o'clock." "Oh, thank you!" Manami said as she took the papers from Tsunade and gently placed them in her bag. Manami ran out of the Hokage's house and out into Konoha, bumping into Shikamaru and Shikaku, her father. "Shika! Father!" Manami exclaimed, hugging her brother. "Manami, wa?" He asked as he returned the hug. "Oh great, another troublesome woman in the house again." Shikamaru complained. "Oh, come on Shikamaru. She's your sister after all." Shikaku told his older child. "So did you get your new team yet?" Shikamaru asked, letting loose on their hug.

    Manami smiled a toothy grin as they walked away from their father. I don't like that grin. Shikamaru thought. "I'm in Naru-kun's group!" She told. Shikamaru almost chocked. "Nu, Naruto's group?!" He yelled. "No way in hell am I gonna let you...." Shikamaru continued to complain about Manami's placement, but she drowned him out. She was in the same team and Naruto!" Now she could gloat around Hinata. Manami's thoughts were disturbed by her brother yelling, "Hey are you listening?"