• Part 1
    Part 2:

    "I'm going to get some water. Want some?" Yuffie offered lending into her friend. Carly nodded once yelling for all the football players that were on the stage.

    Yuffie made her way through a mess of people, which stood without movement listening for there loved ones name to be called. She sighed and continued to walk through the crowd. “Urg... Carly never has any problems with this... what would she say in this case,” she thought for a second than spotted a group of students that it would be easier to get through than eager parents. Most of the students moved recognizing her, when a few didn’t. Yuffie commented, "It would be nice if someone moved” The remaining students moved quickly out of her way. The young girl lightly smirked and walked up to the school’s food bar. “Hey that did work,” she thought being slightly pleased with herself.

    She lightly leaned over the counter. Yuffie spotted a sign on the counter reading it aloud, "This weeks fundraising food bar is brought you to by the CHS Colorguard...." she sighed lightly,” Well that’s lovely run by Flag-ets" Yuffie continued with great sarcasm.

    A guard member over heard this and whispered to another member. The two nodded and went to the front of the small room to take Yuffie’s order. "How may we help you..." the guard member that overheard her asked a bit bitterly. Yuffie just ignored her anger and asked for two waters.

    "Two Waters!" she reported to the fellow member beside her. The member went to get the waters out of a small fridge. Completely undoing the cap on one of the bottles, she walked up and splashed the water all down Yuffie’s shirt, than slide the closed bottle across the counter towards Yuffie.

    She gasped loudly, mostly being surprised and how cold the liquid running down her shirt was. To two colorguard members laughed, while a few other students yelled, "Cat Fight" and other yelled, "Yes! Wet tee-shirt contest! “The guard members didn’t care about what the Yuffie’s group would try to do to them since they were older and had safety in there numbers.

    Yuffie angrily scuffed at the colorguard "Freaking Idiots! What the Hell Was That For?!!" she yelled at them. A much younger member of the guard came out with paper towels and timidly handed them to Yuffie.

    "I'm sorry about them, they are real jerks," the guard member commented, they hated being called a "flag-ets" but pouring water all other someone wasn’t very nice either.

    Yuffie took the towels from the girl and tried to dry herself. She debated just to walk off, but her morals told her to stay a second longer, plus at this point it couldn’t really hurt her ego any more. "Thanks, uh..." she said noticing that the girl’s shirt had the word "Tiger" in quotes. “Tiger...” she said simply before swiftly turning and walking back into the crowd.

    This time she didn’t care about who she was walking through Yuffie walked in between families, friends, and even a few couples. Yuffie felt a cold hand, almost as cold as the water down her shirt, grab her wrist. She swiftly turned around to see who it was. Yuffie looked up a handsome young looking man.

    "Excuse me,” she said dryly not being in the mood to deal with anyone she didn’t know.

    "Are you okay, Miss?" he said letting go. "Fine," she said starting at his looks for a second than rolling her eyes and continuing on.

    Finally, she made it back to where Carly was standing. Her friend gasped looking down her shirt, "Oh My God! What Happened!! You’re Shirt!”

    Yuffie shook her head with annoyance and commented, "Some band members thought they were all that. Can we go? My shirt is sticking to me."

    Carly looked over at the last group of people getting there diploma's, "Yeah, ok all the interesting people already went. Plus we have to get our beauty sleep of the end of the year party tomorrow. "