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  • Artist Info: What? Me? Hum... I like coffee... yeah, I like it a lot. And chocolates, too. No, better, coffee with chocolate! And cinnamon! And... hum... chantilly, yeah, that sounds nice... 3nodding <br />
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    I also like the color of the sky late in the night, the smell of the wind in the morning, the taste of fresh water from the waterfalls and... hum... did I mention I like coffee?<br />
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    Anyway, I'm an usually funny person who likes to laugh and have fun. I like several types of music, except for country and the brazillian genre of funk (it's fucking awfull). The kinds I like the most are Rock and Metal, in every category or gender possible, from classic melodies to industrial eletro.<br />
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    I am Brazillian and proud of it. My country has it's problems, but hell, list me one that doesn't?! What I love most here it's not the beautifull looks, the beaches, the tropical woods and so on... it's the typical Brazillian tolerance regarding people's sex, etny, looks, origins and so on.<br />
    If you wanna feel good and be liked (even loved) for who you are and not for what you look like or where you came from, well, here is the place for you.<br />
    Me? Hum... thin, not tall, blonde hair and green eyes. And cooler than my avy. And modest, too. mad d: And, finally, but not less important than everything else... I love coffee, did you know that? 3nodding <br />
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    Procura GUILDA EM PORTUGUES? Clique Aqui!<br />
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