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    Where to start? Well I'm a girl, (If you haven't noticed). When deciding the name for my profile I wanted something abnormal. So Yukiko and I got together and started looking up Japanese baby girl names. Chika originated from wisdom-don't exactly remember if you want to find out look it up. I know a lot of you are saying that Chika means girl in Spanish. I know this. Which makes it pretty cool anyway because it just brings up a discussion.<br />
    <br />
    Mmm, well I have blue-ish green-ish eyes and dirty blonde hair. I rarely wear make up razz heels, and dresses. I'm so white I'm pink. No boyfriend, just me, myself and I. I've played soccer for about 6 years and am thinking about getting back into it. Are you still reading? Well PM me then! I love anime such as: Shugo Chara, Attack on Titan, 11 eyes, Elfen Lied, Skip Beat, Black Butler, Hetalia and I read so much more manga such as Godchild, Vampire Game, D.N. Angel, +Anima, Chobits, Alice in the country of Hearts..., Nightschool, Drama Con, Chibi Vampire, Completed series of Tsubasa & Fruits Basket, and Millennium Snow.<br />
    <br />
    I play very little electric guitar and is still working on two hand on the piano. I've been playing the violin for 7 years. I can get depressed easily but razz you won't notice. I say what's on my mind unless I don't want to be ashamed, or embarrassed. I love yaoi and would always rather read the manga then watch the anime.<br />
    <br />
    I love to role play how ever I'm not very good at it. Most people has considered me to be Semi-lit to Lit but I have a very low self-esteem so I just don't believe that. Why are you still reading? PM me you fool!
    <br />
    heart Thanks Yukiko for donating fautso's bottle heart
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