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    I'm Tori and ANGER JUICES is my cousin (just btw) she's mah home-gurl!<br />
    User Image<br />
    Link for my friend's online colonial-fantasy comic: Snow By Night<br />
    I make friends pretty easily, unless your really bitchy when i first meet you. Don't forget, 1st impressions are the most important! It may also depend if I'm bitchy that day also, so sorry if i am sweatdrop <br />
    All y'all need to know 'bout me is that I'm goofy and sometimes to the extreme, or pissy, as I said before. I like all kinds of music and am not bound to one or any religion. I'm pretty open minded unless I know you're wrong 4laugh <br />
    I also - wait for it - play Dungeons & Dragons because I'm that much of a geek and I love it biggrin I play RIFT when I get the chance and when I have money to pay for a subscription. Other likes/hobbies include playing the VIOLA (not a violin), Magic the Gathering, wanting to pursue a career in Fashion Merchandising, and long distance bike riding.
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Okay, all I want are those items in my wishlist, not the packs/bundles but the items, so if anyone is friendly enough to donate enough money so I can buy at least one in the market place, or just donate the actual item, that would be great, much appreciated, and you'll go in my list of AWESOME donators!!!!<br />
    <br />
    My list of AWESOME donators!!!<br />
    1. biggrin biggrin Dreamy Adonis biggrin biggrin <br />
    2. biggrin The_QueenXx biggrin <br />
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