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  • Artist Info: I think I would like to do something for somebody. I think it's good if someone smiles when you smile at them. The beauty of voluntary acts can foster goodwill in the hearts of others. Love which doesn't ask for collateral gives us respect as people. However, it is wrong to try to sustain that. In time, the strain will bloom into the flower called Lie, the thorny flower which hurts people. To realize a mistake. To not lie. To love one another. To not kill. Those are very simple things, but the times won't allow for them. There is no green on this planet even though we want it.... though we want it so very badly. A place where we can live peaceful days, with no wars nor stealing. A sacred place where people can live as people. Yes, there. That place is called heaven. I am just an easy going, dreamer kinda guy. I'm openly gay and live in NY. I am a huge furry fan and I like video games, anime, and movies, though I also enjoy reading.<br />
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