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  • Artist Info: +Name+ Terry <br />
    +Age+ I'm from '86, so I'm probably older then you <br />
    +Gender+ I'm all man <br />
    +Orientation+ I'm straight with one exception <br />
    +Personality Type+ I'm the protective yet fun-loving older brother type<br />
    +Family+ I have two younger brothers and an older brother, who's on gaia. He's [Waiting for Godot] <br />
    +UserID mean anything?+ yup. The black swallow-tail is a poisonous yet beautiful butterfly (I like the blue ones best). They've always interested me.<br />
    +Likes+ black swallow-tails, XXXHolic, my family<br />
    +Dislikes+ anyone who harms or picks on my family, gay bashers, womanizers, bigots, fascists, people who discriminate others, people who are trampy, people who treat they're body like a trash bin <br />
    +Favourite Drink+ Canned apple juice I love it. Allen's 100% pure - unsweetened is the best. I just crack open one of the big cans and drink away... <br />
    +Favourite Food+ Barbecue <3 <br />
    +Strengths+ I get along with everyone quite well <br />
    +Weakness+ I have a brother complex on my oldest brother... <br />
    <br />
    Proud owner of:<br />
    A Website, a Book,<br />
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    and now a Guild
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