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    <br />
    Where I'm From<br />
    I'm from asphalt and rocks<br />
    Metal cleaner and restaurants<br />
    I'm from broken-bladed hockey sticks<br />
    And swords made from aluminum scrap<br />
    I'm from a back yard that wasn't really mine<br />
    A nature park with wet smelling trails<br />
    I'm from that one tree that I could hide in<br />
    Which stood on the edge of the field<br />
    <br />
    I'm from two lakes and a slow river,<br />
    Sun shining like diamonds on clear, blue water<br />
    I'm from the fish that are in those lakes<br />
    And the trout that took hours to land<br />
    I'm from the blue line on ice<br />
    And from the almighty poke-check,<br />
    Cheered on by an old cow bell<br />
    I'm from Get out of the dirt! And Wash your hands!<br />
    And I'm from a family spread across the land<br />
    <br />
    I'm from cinnamon buns the size of saucers<br />
    And from burnt cookies<br />
    I'm from restaurant food too,<br />
    From pizzas and ice cream, French fries and burgers<br />
    And I'm from my own personal family clan<br />
    Who are all winners in my book<br />
    And to speak of books,<br />
    I'm from the ones hidden amongst my stuff<br />
    And the ones that hold the pictures of my youth<br />
    All of which are now hidden in drawers under clothes<br />
    And they still manage to gather memories<br />
    With the feathers that I collected<br />
    I am from the melodies of my own dreams<br />
    The proud young girl sitting on the branches of the tree
    <br />
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