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  • Artist Info: Hiya! This is the place where I tell you random information that you may or may not know, or even ever need to know. biggrin <br />
    I have blonde hair and brown eyes (would you look at that! just like my avi!) I am shorter than your average person. Rain and snow are my favorite types of weather. I have 5 favorite colors (silver, white, blue, purple, and pink). "I'm smarter than your average idiot." I believe Pluto should still be a planet (just 'cause it was an awesome planet). I am a Christian (don't worry, I won't try to force my religion on you, and I am sorry for those who see Christians this way). I'm a quiet person until I get to know you (and even then I'm not exactly a chatterbox...). I don't use cuss words. I dislike being the center of attention. I love to read most any fantasy/adventure story I can get my hands on. I like manga/anime. I am a horrible artist. I like to play fantasy/adventure/puzzle/RPG video games. I think ninjas are better than pirates (and jedis are above ninjas, but no one ever asks that question...). I like Disney films (excluding most of their more recent works like High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Cheetah Girls). I would be willing to give my life if it would save a friend or family member's life. I don't have any problem putting myself down or laughing at my mistakes (I know I'm not perfect, so why not make a joke out of it?). I like most any kind of music except rap and screamo. I like writing in blue pen better than any other color pen (yes, that is important enough to put here). I love quotes and cliches (someone has already said exactly what I'm thinking except they make it sound better...!). I love singing, though I don't think I'm very good at it. I don't dance outside of my room (and I only dance when I feel like it to songs that I like, so basically, I don't dance). I don't like fights (physical or verbal). I don't like chocolate (shocking, I know). I'm bad at almost every sport you can name. I have horrible eyesight, so I wear contacts or glasses during every waking moment. I don't like talking on the phone (I always run out of things to say!!). I always type in black, normal sized font (because I'm lazy and boring).<br />
    ...I wonder how many people actually will read this. Oh well. Now you know a little bit more about me then you did when you clicked on my profile. biggrin
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