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    <br />
    Hmm.. hi biggrin <br />
    I'm a non-conformist <3<br />
    I am responsible, I think things thru, accept the consequences, sometimes naughty sometimes nice, always considerate, but never perfect. <br />
    FREE THINKING!<br />
    I look/act/feel 25ish, everyone says so, but I am 34. <br />
    I still love all the same things plus new interests.<br />
    Why turn boring when you turn older? Why dress conservative? Who cares what others think?<br />
    I have a 16yr old boy and a baby boy and I'm a single mom on purpose. <br />
    Yes, my childrens' fathers are my friends (though I don't talk much to the first one, we just don't get along) and they're fathers to their boys. I just do most of the work razz <br />
    I hope to fall in love mutually some day with either guy or girl but I prefer girl.. I dunno.. but I'm not looking. I'm happy with my friendships, my cuddle buddies, and my close relationships. I'm polyamorous but it's about love, not sex, for me. <br />
    I work 3 days a week in nursing home. Lots of interesting stuff. <br />
    I'm pecking away at that Psych degree. I want to be an MFACC (marriage, family, adult, child counselor.)<br />
    I'm a clean freak but it's more about neatness and keeping the germs of people who offend me, out of my house. x)<br />
    My teen babysits once or twice a month so I can go out and play with my friends. I like Gaia, MMORPGs (RIP City of Heroes/Villains :< ) drawing, collaging, art, electronic music, making videos, writing short stories, going to art shows, dressing up, being fancy/oddball, and when I can afford it, travel. <br />
    I have depression and anxiety but it is manageable.<br />
    <br />
    My computer/bed area is my happy little nook.<br />
    The arms of my cuddle buddies.<br />
    Cuddling my baby.<br />
    Swimming.<br />
    I seem hyper online.. because I'm happy here. But I have been thru a lot of painful ordeals and somehow came thru and sometimes life gets me way down..<br />
    I can be really funny and a real character <br />
    I am sensitive but not too terribly so, just the right amount.<br />
    My style is mostly Goth with a little sparkle, a little little girl, a little edge, a little softness, a little Vintage, a little this and that.<br />
    My walls reflect happiness in fantasy and escapism and those happy times I had as a kid or with my friends and my own kids.. and the sadness and dark parts that are inevitable in life.<br />
    Working with people who die has taught me to be at terms with death.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Don't mind my age. I can relate to people of all ages. My oldest friend is almost a hundred, and my youngest is my baby smile <br />
    I'm totally against pedos, rapists, murderers, buzz-killers, republicans that think the way they live their lives is the way ALL people should live their lives<br />
    People should be free to express and live their lives the way they want as long as it harms none.<br />
    Women should be allowed to go around topless like men do.<br />
    If women can wear either "gender's" type of clothes without much comment and it's pretty much socially acceptable, then men should have the same right.<br />
    I don't appreciate the whole pink is for girls blue is for boys.. I dress my boy in pink sometimes, nothing frilly or princessy, just a plain pink onesie or some socks, along with a blue something else, to confuse and make people think.<br />
    Colors are only colors, whether on the skin or IN the skin.<br />
    <br />
    Both of my babies were born on PURPOSE. <br />
    I wanted to coparent with good guy friend, but they weren't up for being responsible so I have to be the one to do all the work but hey I'm used to it. <br />
    <br />
    Vent to me<br />
    talk to me a lot<br />
    write me long letters.<br />
    I don't mind!<br />
    <br />
    Love ya Sarah you're the best friend smile <br />
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