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  • Artist Info: hiii if u want to be my friend you should know:<br />
    1 i like vocaloid- scratch that i LOVE vocaloid!<br />
    2 i might mention cookies or waffles alot (even though i dont eat them everyday..)<br />
    3 i dont really like sports... sweatdrop sorry sports fans, but i MIGHT get into one....<br />
    4 i like to draw anime and cartoony stuff but im not good at drawing realistic things.<br />
    5 i like to watch movies, mostly comedy, adventure, romance, and anything that gets my attention- but NEVER EVER scary movies gonk <br />
    6 i LOVE to play video games ( im not that good though.... *sigh*) but i kinda play them for fun one of my favs is SSBB (super smash bros brawl) i like adventure games and action or racing.<br />
    7 i read MANGA all the time and watch ANIME too which are probably my hobbies.<br />
    8 i was born on the year of the bunneh and i happen to ADORE bunneh ears ( so this is supposed to be my lucky year ^__^)<br />
    9 im a scorpio and i guess im kinda proud ( since that is what my profile is on the back round)<br />
    10 my fav color is- is ummmm i like TEAL but i love all colors as well =3<br />
    11 im 1_ years old ( u have to guess whee )<br />
    12 i have a new baby brother and i call him chibi lol xd <br />
    13 i have a chihuahua named mitzy, and 2 other dogs which are german shepards ( i dont think i spelled that right) and their names are zack and ash.<br />
    so yeaaaa im pretty weird huh? yea well i get that alot. but i guess thats it..... <br />
    4 now .... TEEHEE >w<<br />
    <br />
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