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  • Artist Info: hi!!!!! im Carolina ♥♥♥ love ya♥♥♥ <br />
    plz call me Lina or Sassy<br />
    ***my goal in life is to publish my book it doesn't have to be "Moriko " but one day i wanna publish a book *** my fave book author is Melissa Dela Cruz i loves her Blue bloods series as well as others shes written i wanna meet her XD and Ellen Hopkins her books are really cool and really captivate me the themes are real life i highly recommend them. and also Richelle Mead i love her se3ries oooh and P.C. cast she great on both type of books she writes ^_~<br />
    <br />
    im single yup it true lol talk to me ^_~ unless ur like 14 lol im not into the whole cougar thing XD<br />
    my fave color is purple!! and black course im 17 years old my b-day is in October 9 my graduation is the 29th of may yes its saturday i dont know if im gonna go to college but i think i will next year. i can talk in Spanish and i loves when i find some one that can too im also very into fairies and vamps and course werewolves<br />
    im very into anime i love naruto and bleach are my faves but i am a girl so i like peach girl and skip beat, houran host club but i like normal books too there's so many i cant name them all cause it would make a very long list XD im very into greek mythology the goddesses and gods so im reading about that a lot these days<br />
    <br />
    i have a myspace if u wanna add me talk to me i love adding new friends there im currently writing Moriko but not sure if any ones still reading if u are tell me i have the next 2 chapters ready to be type k <br />
    i love ma besties majorly_sweet13 and Running from ur lies & AiKuroKiss is ma best buddy in real life i loves her !! also Keaton is really cool i kinda wanna meet him in real life one day lol hes a good buddy <br />
    <br />
    Carol aka 2kt4u aka sassy2kt4u i know im crazy<br />
    p.s. i love it when people comment me XD i promise to return comment
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