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  • Artist Info: THIS IS NOT TO BE COPIED!!! This is my dream and no one else can take it away! <br />
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    Hey, I like to sit by the beach and watch the sun set and hang with my friends. I like a little adventure. I like to Sing and Draw and my friends love my sketches <333 If you want to be friends then just ask. Donations are loved (everyone loves 'em) If not thats fine too, I'd try to set my goal the old fashion way too hahaha.. Wanna kno something else??<br />
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    I just know that<br />
    One day they will come back...He promised...<br />
    I had a dream about him...tall and mysterious everywhere I looked... and one day he was on my bus and whispered to me "...Kairi... I'll come back for you...I promise..." and when I awoke I knew from that day on, since dreams can come true, I'd wait for him in my heart knowing he's out there looking for me where I go, I know he'll be there some how, whether I see him or not, he will always think of me like I think of him...right...Sora <3
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