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  • Artist Info: Hi! So glad you passed by. Please park ur ass in a chair, but don't touch anything. I'm serious. So i guess you should know I'm a tad lazy and alittle shy sweatdrop . Yeah, I'm working on that and my tendency to bite my nails. You should try it, I find it quite comforting. I'm also a big stalker~I mean fan of kurama and Johnny Depp whee so if you are too we should so meet up, and also if you ARE either of them 3nodding . I know, I know, I'm probably on drugs but hey a girl can dream right?! OK thank you for stoping by, with no flowers stare , now please move yuh bumbo rasclat outta mi blastid place. Did I mention I am jamaican. Anyways *hehehe* Just kidding, ur welcomed anytime twisted .<br />
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    I adopter a fox!<br />
    Name:Sekushii na Mesu no Kitsune<br />
    Age:3000<br />
    Likes:Sexy intelligent foxs like Kurama<br />
    Dislikes:Idiots<br />
    Owner:me<br />
    Get one now!<br />
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