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  • Artist Info: This profile used to belong to Tyhier L. R. Grant, now days is as usual gifted to whomever gives proper respectives to someone whom just had a life and in said life it was understood; he'd been tortured and violated, even had his family murdered.<br />
    <br />
    Not likely will he be found any time soon, but since it's a matter of circumstance as such things happen in life and don't need to, breathe, have a small or long cry for as long as needed, stop hacking the profile of whom has taken this account, and don't worry to the person whom actually has it as their personal property to even throw away if necessary.<br />
    <br />
    It's not okay to rape, it's not okay to bully, it's definitely when a lot of things are more than just illegal, but definitely truthfully heartless, my last words before you say you could ever find me again in any place: heaven, hell, where ever.- Tyhier L. R. Grant
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