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  • Artist Info: I love getting dirty but dont mind the occassional dress up days. <br />
    I like riding ATV's, Horses, and bicycles. Watching tv and movies. Spending time with friends and loved ones. Reading a book. Writing. Coloring. Drawing. Playing sports. Games such as: board, game console's, card, poker, PC, and Active. Cleaning, Cooking, Fishing, Camping, Climbing Mountains, Re-arranging my bedroom, Internet, Technology, Singing, Dancing, Taking care of children, Rainy weather, Rainstorms, Thunderstorms, Lighting storms, The smell of Rain, Music, Sleeping, Sleeping under the stars on a trampoline, Night Swimming, Building Sand Castles, Using my hands to fix things or build things, Having a Clean house/home to live in, Going dancing at a night dance club, Denny Hoppin', Holidays, Family Reunions, Playing in the rain, Being kissed in the rain, Animals, When people play with my hair, Made from Scratch Home Cooked Meals, & I'm sure there are many things that I havent told you that I love or like to do but these are basically an idea of what I do love or like.
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