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  • Artist Info: if your reading this it is because you think there is something special about me.....well there isnt. im just an average 15 year old girl. i love to play sports.<br />
    me and my best friends and my siblings play them all the time. <br />
    one of my brothers is addicted to television and i hate it. I hate a lot. i hate food it makes me sick. i also hate the computer....except for gaia. its amazing. <br />
    i love to hangout with my best friends and my cousins. we have the most fun. we always laugh and hang out. i am the only one of my best friends that has a nice phone and actually uses it. my friends never text. im always texting. idk why but it is way better than email and talking. <br />
    im okay with instant messaging but i dont do it alot. my friends dont really get on gaia when i am on. i usually get on when i am awake...but i have a very wierd sleeping schedule.<br />
    my sleeping schedule is not normal. i stay up most of the night. i am always foing something. lol. when i stay up all night i usually fall asleep around 4 or 5 in the morning. then i get woken up by my brothers or my friends around 12 or 1 in the after noon. <br />
    during the day i dont do much. i go swimming with my friends but i never take my siblings. they hate to swim. i will swim for hours and hours at a time. on my birthday every year i go swimming in postfalls idaho. lol<br />
    im usually at pattisons. i go to pattisons every wednesday. lol. i go to a church servive with some friends and then go to pattisons with some other friends right after church. lol. i love pattisons. it is the best roller skating rink in spokane. lol. <br />
    i like to read except i dont. there is something about reading that puts me to sleep. i am just a very wierd person. hand me a book and ill attempt to read it. just make sure it is interesting. lol<br />
    i am kinda a clean freak. when my house flooded i had to rip up all of my carpet. we threw all of my clothes and everything away. i got new clothes and a new carpet. i moved all of my furniture in my room and my room looks huge!! i have wall stickers on my wall and a trophy shelf. my room never has any dust in it. the floor is always clean. everytime something touches the floor i am always there to pick it up and put it where it belongs. on the other hand my brothes room is a mess. nobody can see the floor. i cleaned his room for him and them he just messed it up. the only brother that lives with me is 11. <br />
    he is leaving for camp on my birthday lucky me....lol. i am going to miss him. but while he is gone ill be on gaia all the time. i wont have to share the computer with anyone except myself. <br />
    i have a great family life and i havent typed this much since i typed up my 6 page histiry report on world hunger.<br />
    i have semi good grades and am in all honors classes again. i am doing 10th grade math and exceeding very well. i have advanced computers and honors gym, language arts, history and science. i am also in the school band. in the parade last year we got second place in our division and we rocked. we played the beatles medley. we were in the top 10 of all of the bands that were in the parade. <br />
    if you read all of this i am very surprised. i hope i didnt bore you. leave a comment or private message and tell me what you thought. lolz you guys can text me anytime you want just lemme know if yah want my number. lolz...especially bryce! hahaa byeezzzzzzzzz<br />
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