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  • Artist Info: hey my name is aldo and im 16<br />
    sharap woman lol i have a funny accent hahaha my birthday is 4/14/93 <br />
    im mexican but i live in california now T^T <br />
    well sry ladies im taken by deathNblood lol shes my playmate ;D<br />
    and if shes too busy shadowhunter128 likes to entertain me<br />
    yeah ppl ima playa jk not really ima lusa <br />
    hmm wat else lets see i like to be called super papi<br />
    and my fav color is blue <br />
    i also rape little girls bcuz i think it feelz nice :]<br />
    im also very smiley<br />
    i have a big fear of shorts (i think u know why ;] ;])<br />
    my hobbies are to be on the computer alot<br />
    i like chatting with randmon peopl n i love vollyball<br />
    PS: i like to get jiggy with it!!!!! i was raised in the farm!!!! jk<br />
    n e ways Im very HAPPY :> *kissie* <br />
    PSS je parle francai tre bien! <br />
    i can also french kiss very good ;D <br />
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