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  • Artist Info: I am Seto Kaiba, the head of Kaiba Corporation. This account is a cosplay account made by a mentally unstable geek who has way too much time on their hands. I come from Yu-Gi-Oh, the anime where the writer never seemed to think I was good enough to beat Yugi Moto.<br />
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    Visits are authorized by appointment only. If you have any business worth my time, contact the front office at Kaiba Corporation. <br />
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    Duel challenges are routed through reception at Kaiba Land, by appointment only. To make an appointment, email the Duel Ranking Registry. Challenges are accepted at my discretion. (Basically, if you're an amateur, hit the road.) Challenges made by Katsuya Jonouchi are not being accepted at this time.<br />
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    To address issues with the latest Duel Disks, contact technical support. To enter any upcoming competitions, register on the Kaiba Land website.
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