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  • Artist Info: Hi Gaian users from all around! I'm very happy you are reading and visiting my profile 3nodding . Here is a few basic things you should know about me, and a few things that will (might) help you feel like you knew me since the toddler years lol<br />
    1.) Name is Anfisa. (You can call me Dolly whee )<br />
    2.) Age is 14<br />
    3.) Lives in largest state in America<br />
    4.) Religion is 'Russian Orthodox' - Old Believer<br />
    5.) Doesn't like to hear trash talk about friends<br />
    6.) Favorite color is yellow<br />
    7.) Has blonde medium cut crappy like hair (cut it myself, bad idea sweatdrop )<br />
    8.) Olive green eyes<br />
    9.) Going to be a Freshman<br />
    10.) Just got out of an unoticed depression while summer is still going<br />
    Date: Sunday, July 25 2010
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