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      My name is Kouga and I'm currently twenty two years old. My Gaiaversary is 4/4/04. Yes, I've been playing way too long. Lol.<br />
      <br />
      I had my first child, a little boy named Link, on February 07, 2013. I love him to peices and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. <3<br />
      <br />
      When I got here, I didn't have much. I ran across this forum, however, called Give-a-Gift. It inspired me to become the person I am today. I made so many friends and found out that a lot more people are generous than I even imagined. GaG is gone now but it will always be a part of me, it will always be in my heart. My friends from GaG, please never change. You are the best people I've ever known. <3<br />
      <br />
      I have been lucky enough to finally get back into the swing of gifting and re-acquainted myself with a friend's old forum, G.I.F.T. (Gifting In Full Throttle). Due to this amazing forum, I have found some friends just as important to me as the old ones. They are considerate, generous, and all around amazing.<br />
      <br />
      Ryschy, Aschy, I adore you two. Don't forget that. =3
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