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  • Artist Info: Asta Ova Castrelle<br />
    Age: 18 (1800 years)<br />
    History:<br />
    Asta didn't know that from the beginning of her life she was a fire Elemental. She found out in the worst way possible. She was sitting in her cottage with her mother, they were having a dispute over the choice of religion Asta head made, she was determined to be a Catholic. Asta was enraged at her mother not accepting her so she stormed out of the cottage. She made her way to forest and sat by a lake. It was awfully hot, she had noticed. She reached up to touch her hair and she found it was inflamed. She ran back to the village her hair violently flaming from her surprise. She got to the village turned around and saw the forest completely inflamed. The fire engulfed the entire village and when she made her way back to her cottage her mother had deathly burns, in her strife she and other survivors of the fire banished her to where she is now. <br />
    Not knowing whether she is good or evil Asta joined the destroyers, since that is all she seems to do.
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