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    ALYSEHOPEVERDUCE;(: So I cant explain myself in a paragraph. But ill do my best. Im Alyse, im thirteen years old. Im a complicated, hardheaded girl. Im outspoken, I can come off as a biitch. But Im really not unless you make me. So please dont(: I hate being mean, I love being as nice as I can. I am Italian, & loving it(: My dad calls me his true italian daughter!(: Just because I smie, doesnt mean im happy. Which to tell the truth, I never really am. Ive been through a lotta shiit. And if were close, you would know. But I stay fit as best as i can. Im not skinny. Im not gorgeous. Im not perfect, and if you want a friend like that. Dont expect me to be that friend. Im the person whos kinda quiet if I dont know you. But if you know me, im the craziest mother fuucker evauuh(: Get to know me!<br />
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