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About Me

      Welcome! I'm Zzyli, or you may call me Zzy for short. It's kind of like the first part of Xylophone.

      I live in Australia with my husband and some of my off-Gaia hobbies include reading, sewing and baking.

      On Gaia I'm interested in Alchemy and fishing, and formerly ZOMG. I also enjoy customising profiles and you can often find me helping users in the Profile Discussion forum. I've been a Forum Assistant since mid 2015. As a forum assistant I help by moving misplaced threads in forums I'm assigned into better forums. I am currently assigned to the following forums

      -Alchemy Discussion
      -Alchemy Exchange
      -Art Freebies
      -Art Requests
      -Food and Drink
      -Gaia Fishing
      -Lake Kindred
      -Personalized Graphics
      -Profile Discussion
      -Real Life Fashion and Style
      -ZOMG! Memories

      If you have a thread in any of these forums which you wish to have moved, it's okay to send me a PM and I can take care of it. Please don't leave messages on my profile about FA things, and instead send me a PM (but by all means say hi! Friendly chat is welcome but PMing me about official stuff means I know I can keep track of it).

      Forum Assistants (users with magenta usernames) cannot deal with rule-breaking threads or other TOS Violations. This is the job of Moderators (users with green usernames). As such I can't help with anything to do with rule violations sorry! The best way to deal with any of these concerns is to report them so a Mod can take care of the issue.