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Zwei Dc-ed will always be my identity, the name that my friends know me by, the proof that holds my faith in Dc-ed, and it shows that i am not running away from anything. This name is my identity until the end of my days here and I'm proud of it.

:::First of all, I've been in Gaia since 2008 but no longer a regular::
::Second, look for my outdated info here, Zwei ::
::Third, i normally don't feel like talking::
::Fourth, I make banners, signatures and graphics::
::Fifth, Drop a comment anytime, anyhow::
::Sixth, I hate work. Laziness is my worst enemy::
::Seventh, I am anti-Apple. Windows and Android all the way::
Btw; I love cat_smilies/icon_surprised.gifcat_smilies/icon_biggrin.gifcat_smilies/icon_blaugh.gifcat_smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

**If you're gonna add me please tell me why or who you are**
thank you.

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xhuu Report | 01/29/2014 1:10 am
Its like a school but not entirely
school+college and a bit uni? idk xd
the cheapest car you get in here is like 1k LOL
im going to KL soon for art trip emotion_dowant
xhuu Report | 01/23/2014 3:13 pm
yeahh I should be working right now ughhhghgh
but mom told me to continue studying gonk
after this, i probably going to uk

im going to KL soon
for art trip emotion_dowant
Morphin Dc-ed Report | 01/17/2014 12:20 pm
Morphin Dc-ed
Sorry about the late reply, but I hear ya man. Barely any time to get online here as well. But im doin' well, mostly work takes over life o;
but hey, it was cool to get a reply from you after so long. I remember the good old days lol.
What ya been upto lately?
xhuu Report | 01/09/2014 12:23 am
woooww its been a long time someone called me yuki haha
well i decided to continue studying LOL
this is my final year though
its been hard and chaotic sigh
Jade Dc-ed Report | 12/15/2013 10:53 pm
Jade Dc-ed
where are you now? In Kuching or where?

I know youre not active anymore thats why i neeeeed ur number. Inbox me ur number stare

Im on year end school holidays. Will be back to school on 7th of Jan 2014 until April 2014 then i finished my course. After that duno whether want to continue diploma or not or maybe find job at Airport under ticketing department rolleyes
xhuu Report | 12/15/2013 10:09 pm
Morphin Dc-ed Report | 10/27/2013 12:51 pm
Morphin Dc-ed
Dude.... It's been too long. What's up?
Jade Dc-ed Report | 10/16/2013 2:48 am
Jade Dc-ed
LOL u also like wrestling? stare rofl

Are you still active on facebook orr in other word is ur facebook still alive?
Jade Dc-ed Report | 10/10/2013 4:37 pm
Jade Dc-ed

youre back stare stare stare

I wait for u for so long ahhh where have u been?! gonk BEEN YEARS

Yes yes... u got change number? 012 one ha? or u switched to other number liao?
Jade Dc-ed Report | 11/29/2012 9:50 pm
Jade Dc-ed
Hey !! I whatsapp you few months ago but you never reply... How are you? So free?