Bounty Hunter Zurake

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Enemy of Villains, Bane of the Police, He fights by himself, for himself, fleeing the demons of his past. Pain to all who stand in his way.


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Kuri Kawaii Report | 05/05/2010 12:49 pm
Kuri Kawaii
User Image *poke*
Kuri Kawaii Report | 07/04/2009 10:40 am
Kuri Kawaii
Ara-sama Report | 06/30/2009 4:18 pm
Aaand because I am bored!!!!! XD

lol anyway seriously we need to talk, I haven't seen you in...since game day...which was...two weeks? ago...but that doesn't month? Three? Something like that. So yeah. Statement. Rests. T-T
Kalastaa Report | 01/19/2009 11:52 am
Kuri Kawaii Report | 01/19/2009 11:32 am
Kuri Kawaii
woohoo! ^_^ thanks =D
Kuri Kawaii Report | 12/28/2008 8:42 pm
Kuri Kawaii
hi grandpa ^_^!!!
seeking a moonbeam Report | 11/28/2008 5:34 pm
seeking a moonbeam

Your avi's intense, Daddy. Dx

Haha, totally doing the Drow thing. <3
Kalastaa Report | 11/26/2008 12:35 pm
Timeshare!!! rofl
Kalastaa Report | 11/05/2008 7:25 pm
Kalastaa Report | 11/02/2008 2:00 pm
yay i made daddy cry <3


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The Demons of Zurake

Zurake has three separate forms, each realized individually as his life progresses. The first is Zurake as one first meets him, Cursed by a secret of his past he refuses to divulge. The second shows Zurake in battle rage, the demon possessing him and allowing him to be the perfect warrior, mindless, sadomasochistic, he charges has no control over the blood lust of his demons. The final form is after Zurake has come to terms with his demons. He is never rid of them, but they will never strike out against him or those he cares for ever again.

The Cursed Bounty Hunter
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The Demonic Hunter
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The Redeemed Soldier
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