Hey, just another person here on Gaia. I've lost a lot of friends here lately so I'm always looking for comments, pms, or just a chat. It's a bit saddening to notice so many people leave all at once.

I'm just a plain girl that enjoys simple things like music, art, conversation, and many other things that can't really be fit into once sentence. Show me some kindness and I'll show you some back, don't be afraid to get to know me. <3

My Music:
-Assemblage 23
-VNV Nation
-Project Pitchfork
-Apoptygma Berzerk
-Coheed and Cambria
-A Perfect Circle
-Death Cab For Cutie
-System of a Down
-Funker Vogt
-Eiffel 65
-Lacuna Coil
-Icon of Coil
-Linkin Park
-Analouge Brain
-Abney Park
-Coal Chamber
-Claire Voyant
-Opiate for the Masses
-Atom and his Package
-Jack Off Jill
-Angels and Agony
-Nine Inch Nails
-Solitary Experiments
-Depeche Mode
-Duran Duran
-In Strict Confidence
-Lights of Euphoria
-Neutral Milk Hotel
-No Use For A Name

Honestly, I like a bit of everything. Please suggest new titles for me so I can expand my musical tastes. <3


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My gosh.. Dat avatar.... emotion_jawdrop it looks AMAZING!!!