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Location: In the secret pit of unicorns with a laptop

Birthday: 02/23

Occupation: stalking the stalkers

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Here ya go. This is me. ^_^

Here's the basics.

Name : zqwxecrvtbyunimop, but they call me ihop. I'll tell you my real name under certain circumstances.

Age : I might tell you if I know you.

Gender : Female.

Sexual orientation : Heterosexual. (I'm straight.)

Likes : Roleplaying, writing, drawing, dancing without anyone seeing me, singing with my friends, playing my many instruments. You can't put me in one art category because I love expressing myself in all ways. I like trying new forms of art, and strawberries. Especially strawberry cheesecake.

Dislikes : Idiots, currently any male I know irl, Jerks, anyone who acts like a whore, and tries to out-b***h me. No out-bitching the b***h, bitches. But yes, I can be a huge b***h to someone who's pissing me off. And that's not easy. I hate it when people make fun of someone for being a noob. I mean, come on. We were all new at one time. And there used to be a time when no one would do that shiz here. But anyway, I also hate excessive cursing. I'll only do it when I'm ranting, and so on, but I don't curse that much because I've had good parenting by my single mother. I love my father, and all, but he can go ******** himself if he thinks he can tell me what to do after not being there up until recently.
Last, but not least, I hate politicians. Seldom do any of them tell the truth.

Comment, comment, comment, commennntttttttssss?????? <=3