answering frequently asked questions
Hey, what's up?!
Call me: Bree, or Zo
Time Zone: PDT or PST
I'm from CAli it's hot as hell where i live
I'm currently a College Student
Major: Computer Animation
( i hate it and love it T^T)
I love watching:
Anime, Marvel superhero movies,
and Old 90's cartoons, Thriller movies,
and Comedy shows
Videogames I play: Splatoon, Pokemon, and SSBB
yes, primarily Nintendo games.
I draw a lot so if I don't talk much I'm sorry I just get in the zone sometimes and stay in it till my family gets home XD then i hang out with them C:
>w< i'm not very exciting unless you consider working on 3 comics exciting?
then i don't know but that's just me hehe
Maybe consider sticking around with me though? You might end up being one of the first to read my stories <3

btw I might not be on often, I'll be working on a few things that I've been meaning to finish for a long time

Requesting art here [maybe?]