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Name: Zoxre
Gender: Male
Birthday: May, 1989
Hobbies: Video games, Drawing, Television, Internet
Favorite Colors: Anything dark (except white)
Location: Antioch, Tennessee
Line: Ask Me (Because that's the equivalent of a phone number)

You can call me Zoxre. I am curious and boring at the same time. as far as meeting people goes. Sometimes


I love sarcasm, bluntness, and anyone who can accept that. Well, I won't love you, but you get the idea. I can also be polite, but it'll quickly change. I enjoy making sexual remarks when the situation doesn't call for it. I'm not full dirty, though. I like to be funny, and sometimes I try to be funny. I'm also into anime, if that means anything to you. I like Rock-based music. The color Black. To some it's a shade. Black is black. I've been told, on rare occasions that I live in the clouds due to the fact that I am relaxed the majority of the time and never seen angry in public... that's a lie. I just have more of a handle on those things.


I like to listen to Rock/Metal. The reason for that? Well, as a kid, I use to watch Power Rangers and Digimon (Which influenced my beliefs and such) and since most of the opening songs were rock-themed, I began getting into the habit of looking for something that produced that Electric Guitar sound that we all know and love. As for the Metal part; I got into that from seeing cut scenes of Sonic Adventure Games for the Gamecube. though while comparing, I don't think it's actually "metal"

.::Favorite Quotes::.

"If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and begin devouring Humans, and from the same mouth you devoured Humans, you cried out to me 'I love you!', would I still be able to say 'I love you' the same way I do today?"

"It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win!"

"Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.:"
***Disclaimer: If you feel you want to know more about me, since I know I probably didn't describe myself enough here, feel free to add me! But only if you really want to get to know me. I will be ill towards the fact that you added me for no reason other than to be a decoration on your friends list.


Ah, one more thing. Here's a clip of me playing against my friends on Blazblue.

I'm currently maining Hakumen.

PS: About the quality... I don't have a recording device. I used my phone B[



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Report | 03/22/2015 7:01 pm



Report | 10/29/2014 9:03 pm


Oh, I can't stand that game.

Report | 10/27/2014 2:53 am


Rumors of a path for what?

Report | 10/24/2014 6:35 pm


............har har
Saebin Saevinar

Report | 10/24/2014 1:31 pm

Saebin Saevinar

Don't worry you're not the only one that is having a hard time totally remembering everything xp

All I can remember really was we used to hang around a small group of people back in the original Gaia towns and you were amongst the people I used to speak to on a regular basis.

I think one of your older comments from like two years back is on my page still - have no idea what we were talkin' about though. I generally don't clear stuff.. Why?.. Because I'm lazy =P

Logically though I'd say it was from two years back due to the old comment.. Hrm.. I used to wear an outfit that was a replica of Gin from Bleach quite a lot back then if I recall.. If that rings any kind of bells.

But yeah all I can remember as I was sayin' was you were a pretty good friend, at least that's the impression I get - not many call me that nickname you dubbed me on that old comment.

Anyways man we should catch up next time both of us are on.

Take it easy.

Report | 10/24/2014 12:25 pm


I only admire at a distance

Report | 10/23/2014 10:31 pm


Loyals Baazar.

Its one of the shops in Gaiaonline. And i guess its member exclusive though same as P.U.G. It sells some rare items and some exclusives for gold. But a usual, its pretty much expensive.

And it have a monthly lottery which the lucky ones will get either a chance item or EI or more common items as well.

Report | 10/23/2014 9:32 pm


Eh...I log on every so often.....
To stalk you

Report | 10/23/2014 5:05 pm


It's alright, I've been quite busy myself.

There's a big patch coming up for FFXIV that has me pretty excited and an expansion coming this spring too.

Report | 10/14/2014 10:44 am


Sup n00b???


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