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Celsius Caliber Report | 09/19/2014 5:16 pm
Oh my, haven't seen you in a looong while. ^^ This is SuperADS!
Sexi_Sakura_333 Report | 01/29/2013 3:51 pm
thanks for buying
catspook Report | 09/27/2011 12:30 pm
You're welcome smile
xxbyexxx Report | 05/17/2011 7:37 am
Thanks for buying
Dravenic Report | 04/24/2011 8:29 am
eek its just a hat eek
Tinker-Tyn Report | 04/23/2011 10:10 pm
No problem wink
Ketsubane Report | 04/23/2011 9:47 pm
Hi Hi <3
No problem! The kappa doll is the cutest thing evar!
da_goddess_of_ur_dreamz Report | 04/23/2011 5:03 pm
ill take care of the top dnt wrry biggrin
Megan_Crandall Report | 04/23/2011 4:47 pm
i am iffy on onions
they are good in some things, but i like them on hotdogs!
can't chop them at all~!
Megan_Crandall Report | 04/23/2011 4:44 pm
mustard and onions biggrin

Get to know me ~

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smilies/icon_blaugh.gif Hi! I'm Zusu! I'm 22, and I live in Massachusetts
*cough* with an abnormal attatchment to chocolate covered raisins.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. smilies/icon_arrow.gif First off, Zusu's real name is Casey and she would like to say that she hates being questioned. Casey collects paint samples due to a childhood memory. She loves the smell of gasoline, skunk, and rain. ^^ She has random cravings for vanilla soft serve. =3 She bruises like a banana and uses her cellphone to see in the dark. One of her hobbies includes ripping apart tampons and building snowmen. 8B Casey enjoys laughing at herself. XD Casey breaks into spontaneous dance. Casey enjoys being sarcastic, even more when people don't realize she's being sarcastic. I guess this is saying that Casey teases gullible people, which is ALSO saying that she is a little of a tease. Or a hypocrite, because she's gullible too. @@;; She loves math; it's her best subject, but somehow Casey has incorporated semi-confusing mathematical technology into her everyday life using proofs, as with the previous statement (and swearing using the word "asymptote"). Sometimes she doesn't make sense, but she's cute like that. ^//^ She hates when people place no value on life. She honestly doesn't understand why people look at her funny when she asks what color their underwear is. |3 She can't stand two songs playing at once, music out of tune or off-beat rhythms. >< Nor can she bear loud music, however concerts are an exeption. Her favorite place is Nantucket, Massachusetts. =3 If she could, Casey'd probably drink Pepto Bismal regularly. |D She will talk if she feels you want to listen. She becomes self-conscious and quiet if she feels she annoys you. T-T OTHERWISE SHE'S LOUD. 8D Some call her an attention whore, but she doesn't mean to be. >> Casey will hold your hand. <3 If she loves you now, she'll probably love you forever. <3 Casey literally can't kill ANYTING if she doesn't feel she needs to. Casey is uncomfortable in public restrooms. =| Cappuccinos are the only coffee blends she enjoys. Apple Cider totally pwns. ^^d So does bread. And milk. The Mexican (50%!) in Casey loves tacos. b^^d She doesn't care how terrible Taco Bell is, it's her favorite. XD She loves hugs. And people. =D Casey will pop into a thread to brag about her dream last night. =D She loves pretty hands. ^//^ She hates having to explain herself. She is not random because everything makes sense in her head. She says she thinks you haven't learned to expect the unexpected. =P

I'm in love with Legend of Zelda.
I WILL play every Zelda game.

^my dinky bucket list . . .

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The Wiggles ~ Henry's song! =D

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