My name is Alexandra.
22 // Pansexual // Rockabilly // psychobilly //
It's a pleasure I'm sure, we will get along if you don't bring your nonsense and drama. Mkay?
Born and raised in Cali. Latino blood is in my veins and I am damn proud to be Mexican.
I ******** hate liars and cunts with a passion.
I work as a concierge in a retirement home, answering phones. Fun right? hahaha.
Can be shy when talking to new people, B-but will open up once i know you.
Easy going, I try to get along with everyone.
Play Xbox, league of legends, DS. If you want to add me on any please ask me!
I hope to get along and be good friends... Eheheheheheheheh.
Holland and I are magical girls. I love her!
Lu, Yuki and Kassus are pretty cool too.

Thing's that I am interested are..
Videogames, Bioshock, The L.A Dodgers, Beer, Rockabilly, Hellokitty, Tim Burton, Anime, Manga, Role-playing, Cooking, Vintage things, 1940's music, Japanese music, Sleeping, Eating, Reading, Harry Potter, ZOMBIES, NAZI ZOMBIES, Swimming, Pokemon, Origami, Bacon, Chatting, Fighting games, RPG'S, Dresses, Romance and love, Dancing, Breaking bad, The office, Harvest moon, kawaii s**t, Comics, X-Men, Batman, Homestuck, Steampunk.

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