My name Is Alexandra. Call me Lex.

22 // Pansexual // Rockabilly // psychobilly //
It's a pleasure I'm sure, we will get along if you don't bring your nonsense and drama. Mkay?
Born and raised in Cali. Latino blood is in my veins and I am damn proud to be Mexican.
Hate liars and cunts with a passion.
I work as a concierge in a retirement home, answering phones. Fun right? hahaha.
Can be shy when talking to new people, B-but will open up once i know you.
Easy going, I try to get along with everyone I have. Don't really like childish trolls. :/
Love to laugh and joke around with others, and meet new people.
Play Xbox, league of legends, DS. If you want to add me on any please ask me!
I hope to get along and be good friends... Eheheheheheheheh.

Thing's that I am interested are..
Videogames, Bioshock, The L.A Dodgers, Beer, Rockabilly, Hellokitty, Tim Burton, Anime, Manga, Role-playing, Cooking, Vintage things, 1940's music, Japanese music, Sleeping, Eating, Reading, Harry Potter, ZOMBIES, NAZI ZOMBIES, Swimming, Pokemon, Origami, Bacon, Chatting, Fighting games, RPG'S, Dresses, Romance and love, Dancing, Breaking bad, The office, Harvest moon, kawaii s**t, Comics, X-Men, Batman, Homestuck, Steampunk.

What my friends think of me.

Lexi, I’m not that good at expressing emotions with words but I will try for you~! You have such a sweet personality and, I swear, the most charming and adorable laugh one could ever possibly possess. Don’t even think about arguing about that with me. You will not win. You truly are someone I admire for being so tender and warm yet fierce when need be~ I would share my precious stash of chocolate with you any day! I know, crazy, right? But keep breathing. Haha~ Ah, and you know I rarely speak seriously with people because I’m worried that they wouldn’t be able to handle me at my worst; however, I am able to with you. Lexi! We’ve laughed like fools, snorted on random crazy occasions that we try to keep stuffed in the past, boy talk for sure (good, bad, and worse…ugh), and you’ve taken time to be there for me when I needed someone to just break down besides. For me, this is meaningful. You give me something to look forward to in life by just being alive. Let’s keep it going, hm? I love you.

It seems like the people I know for the longest time are my closest and dearest friends, and this is so true when I'm talkin' about Lexi. We've known each other so long I can barely even remember exactly HOW long we've known each other at this point. You're a true friend through and through, and most importantly you stay true to yourself, no matter how much of a friggin' lunatic you are most of the time. You're talented, smart, and you don't take s**t from anyone, but you're also kind, nuturing, and understanding when the need arises.
Don't you ever change, unless it's for the better.

Lexi is an amazing friend that I'm glad I got to meet. she's always tryed to make people feel positive even if she's been feeling down herself, she's very kind hearted, has a great personality, is a amazing nerd always in her rockabilly world, and I can easily say she is the kind of friend you can talk to about stuff and trust, I'm very lucky to have her as a friend love you Lexi!

Random Diary//Yuki//Sweetheart:
The sweetest vocaroo

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Bye now.



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