My name Is Alexandra. Call me Lexi

22 // Pansexual // Rockabilly // psychobilly //
It's a pleasure I'm sure, we will get along if you don't bring your nonsense and drama. Mkay?
I am currently with the sweetest guy ever. George.
So he is mine. K? K. I dont share. At all.
Born and raised in Cali. Latino blood is in my veins and I am damn proud to be Mexican.
I work as a concierge in a retirement home, answering phones. Fun right? hahaha.
Can be shy when talking to new people, B-but will open up once i know you.
Easy going, I try to get along with everyone I have. Don't really like childish trolls. :/
Love to laugh and joke around with others, and meet new people.
Loyal to the friends I've met over the years, they mean so much to me.
I am not a pushover, you will not ******** with me because I will bite back.
Play Xbox and DS. If you want to add me on any please ask me!
I hope to get along and be good friends.


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For my dear George, I write this small message on here. To write how very fortunate and lucky I feel for having you in my life. You're everything I've hoped to look for in a person. Quite charming, warm hearted. Witty, perverted. clever and most of all you never fail to make me feel like I can be myself around you. I want to make your dull days brighter, the one that is always on your mind. Because, You're on my mind all the time. I want to hold this feeling, and lock it deep. My feelings for you feel like second nature. You make it easy to feel for you, to care. I feel the need to protect you and make sure you never have a sad day again. I want to make you happy, and feel like you are cared for and loved. You, are a person that I hold so dear to me. I want to flood this feeling into your veins, and infect you. When I get to hear from you, it is the best part of my day. Being able to be close beside you, to see your sweet shyness. TRULY. I care for you George, simple words cannot express all the wonderful feelings you give me. Every ounce of doubt, fear and sadness are gone thanks to you. I want the days to turn into months, the months into years. And the years into decades. I would like you by my side. The distance is only temporary my dear, I await the day I can finally hold your hand into mine. For I will not let you go once I truly embraced you. ♥♥♥♥

This is both of us being utterly shy on Skype.

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