My name is Alexandra
I'm a nice person.
Honesty is the best.
Don't like liars or jerks. mk.
Mexican// Pansexual // 22 // Rockabilly
I play xbox too much and 3DS.
Pokeman are fun.
I love zombies alot.
Love too much for my own good.
Addicted to creepy cute things.
Manga and anime toots
Holland is my best friend forever mk.
We're both magical girls. ♥
Kassus, Yuki, Lu and Kitty are cool beans.
Message we'll be friends I'm sure.

Thing's that I am interested are..
Videogames, Bioshock, The L.A Dodgers, Beer, Rockabilly, Hellokitty, Tim Burton, Anime, Manga, Cooking, Vintage things, 1940's music, Japanese music, Sleeping, Eating, Reading, Harry Potter, ZOMBIES, NAZI ZOMBIES, Swimming, Pokemon, Origami, Bacon, Chatting, Fighting games, RPG'S, Dresses, Romance and love, Dancing, Breaking bad, The office, Harvest moon, kawaii s**t, Comics, X-Men, Batman, Homestuck, Steampunk.

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