Names Cheyenne.
Im 19 emotion_smilies/icon_C8.png
I like stuff like horror and gore and creepy s**t.
I like talking about the zodiac<3
I like music.
I have a 1 year old son!.
Im obsessed with Clockwork Orange.
I like cats.
Im pretty derpy sometimes but HEY that's what makes me unique, right?? RIGHT GUYS!?!?!?!???!!!
Im really sweet tbh, I'll try to be nice to you, as long as you in return are nice to me.

Lets be friends!



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little plats Report | 11/06/2014 8:30 am
little plats
I just realized you commented on my profile. I was like "Salty and I were having a riveting conversation and we just stop. They hell?"
So then I looked through my comments and found one I didn't respond to.

Ah, I guess that would do it. You're required to have an obligatory connection with him I'm not saying that your kid is a bad thing though
You still in Ohio?
The Raving Robot Report | 10/30/2014 2:15 pm
The Raving Robot
This mofo hit me on my right, while I was turning right.
Complete c**k sucker he was.
In his 2015 Jeep.
Thing hurt my poor lil car u n u
Hopefully I get my car back soon, I'd like to go and do stuff using my own car instead of my families car.

The Raving Robot Report | 10/30/2014 7:13 am
The Raving Robot
Of course I'm alright, it wasn't like a huge collison, mofo tried to pass on my right.
Basically drove up the side of my car.
So part of my quarter panel is dented, both doors are REALLY dented, and half of my fender is mangled.
But I'm chill, and my brother and his friend that were on that side of the car are all good too.

I got an '02 VW Jetta.
Cause I'm that kinda guy.

The Raving Robot Report | 10/30/2014 7:05 am
The Raving Robot
I been p good.
How about you?
I saw, I don't know why I didn't comment...I'm sure I was going to, but I prolly got distracted, like I usually do with everything.
I bought Taylor Swift's new CD yesterday, hella awesome.
And I got a car - got into a car accident (on the 19th) - now waiting for my car to get fixed. Ow my life xD

The Raving Robot Report | 10/30/2014 6:59 am
The Raving Robot
Hey girl, how you doin'
o u o

little plats Report | 10/25/2014 1:45 am
little plats
season 5 of The Walking dead is enough for me. It's taking my mind of GoT.

I think everyone does..? Unless it was one of those mutual breakups..
Etheziel Report | 10/22/2014 3:56 pm
Thanks hunny! heart
little plats Report | 10/21/2014 7:59 am
little plats
That's the cowards way out. If she wanted to be a badass she shoulda taken them head on >:U
And the Red Woman is so hot! How could you hate her??
little plats Report | 10/20/2014 11:14 pm
little plats
She's the absolute worst. Ever, Of all time.
little plats Report | 10/20/2014 2:30 pm
little plats
I think the only Lannister(s) we're supposed to like is Tyrion (and Jamie).
But I'm off to bed, stayed up later than i wanted to...again lol


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