The Evil Queens Are The Princesses That Were Never Saved


A Villain Is Just A Victim Whose Story Hasn't Been Told

My name is Jessica, but I prefer to be called Zj. I love women and only fictional men. I dress in pastels in real life, too. Pink and blue are my favorite, clearly. ; u; I have a unhealthy obsession with zombies and villains. I'm a skilled horse back rider and hope to pick violin up again soon. Writing is one of my passions and I get hyped up over role playing. I love astronomy, psychology and criminology. Dragonflies and hermit crabs are my favorite creatures, obviously horses too. I am addicted to The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and iZombie. Can't get enufffff. Cacti, carnivorous plants and lily-of-the-valley are my favorite plants. I'm a mega animal lover. I'm a video gamer of many years, but nowadays I only care for Sims 4 and Skyrim. I digitally draw and am still practicing. I think that's good for now, so byeee-byeeeeee! <3


Kiya Rose
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