💛 The Evil Queens Are The Princesses That Were Never Saved 💛

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💛 A Villain Is Just A Victim Whose Story Hasn't Been Told 💛

I'm not the sweetest peach dangling on the tree.
In fact I'm bruised and rotting.
If you're lucky enough, I may taste sweet to you.

Haoooo. c: My name is Jessica, obviously. Pleasum call me Zj or Zomboo.

I am lesbian.
& single. <3
Will you accept my heart? (>")><3 <("<)

I'm an intense horse rider. I love it ~ So, so, so much!

Tehe, I'm a writer. This means I love role playing too. I'm a little obsessed with writing.... >//3//<

I play da vid games. Obsessing with Sims 4 and Minecraft. <3

The Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time are my absolutely favorite telly shows.

I love, love, love, love, love villains.

There's much more to me. If you like risks, pm me. c:
Tread carefully ~ <3

💛 I Too Shall Bestow A Gift On The Child 💛


💛 Hello Godmother, Hello Beasty 💛

Chibi-Os on 03/02/2015
Kiya Rose
Master Zolast

" I will not ask you forgiveness. Because what I have done to you is unforgivable. I was so lost, in hatred and revenge. Sweet Aurora, you've stole what is left of my heart and now I've lost you forever. "

" I swear no harm will come to you as long as I live, and not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile. "