💛 The Evil Queens Are The Princesses That Were Never Saved 💛

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💛 A Villain Is Just A Victim Whose Story Hasn't Been Told 💛

You may call me Zj for short ! c:

I'm officially unofficially lesbian. <3 As straight as a zigzag gets.
Come catch my heart like it's a soaring dragonfly.
I am single. x3 I do online date.

I have been horse riding for a year and a half now.
That's actually a short time in horse riding, it's a very hard skill to master.
Everyone says I've come a long way in a short time; I am really good.

On the side I make digital art, see my Deviantart.
I'm really new to digital art, so I am practicing. You can help me by asking for art. <3

Writing is another passion of mine, these three things make me uberly happeh.

My obsessions are Skyrim, Sims 4, The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. <3333 Omfffffffff. Not a healthy obsession either.

Ultimate favorite colors are pastel pink and blue, obviously... > ////<

I really love animals and plants. Specifically horses, dragonflies,
cacti, carnivorous plants and lily-of-the-valley.
I garden, cross-stitch, fail horribly at rollerblading, swim, run, hike,
a loottttttttt of things.

There's just so much to me. ; u; I'mma end it here.
I would absolutely love to meet you,
so I hope our paths cross and lead us to warm sands.

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