Zombie Jessica


That Perfect Girl is Gone

I want to be your prince in shining armor, to be the one that guards you from dangers and darkness. I want to be your Romeo that dies for you. I want to be your senpai and secret admirer.
I want you, damn it.

Welcome to my little corner of Gaia.

My name's Jessica. Gimme a nickname!
I roll both ways. <3 Bisexuality ~
Right nao I'm single. :'3
C'mon and catch my heart like it's a firefly.

I love horse riding, the barn is my sanctuary.
That is a poem written by me up there. c': I'm poetic.
I'm a writer and I do role play. My writing means a lot to me.
I play video games. <3 Mainly on Steam.

I'm practicing my drawing skills.

My jam-jams:
Frozen Soundtrack, Imagine Dragons and The Walking Dead Soundtrack.

Favorite movies; Frozen and Source Code.
I like Disney and Ghibli movies. <3
Favorite colors; Pink, blue and beige. Pastel!
I like a lot of colors tbh. ; u;
Favorite animals; Horses!!!!! The list could go on and on.

Okauuuuuu? <3 Approach if you wanna get to know me ~


Guests to Reincarnation

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Hachii Senpai
Kiya Rose
x-Simmi Buns

Friends worth
melting for.