Zombie Jessica


That Perfect Girl is Gone

I want to be your prince in shining armor, to be the one that guards you from dangers and darkness. I want to be your Romeo that dies for you. I want to be your senpai and secret admirer.
I want you, damn it.

Call me Zj.

I work with horses, and I'm a very sweet person with them. Otherwise, no.
I'm bisexual but I don't care much for men. It doesn't matter anyway because if you're interested-- ******** off.
Aside from horse caretaking, I like to draw and write.
I don't care for being called sweet. In fact, I hate it. Even if I seem like I am.
There is a 50% chance I'll be friendly to you. A 90% chance I won't want to be your friend.
I have family, a best friend and a few friends. I won't have you in my life unless if I really like you.
Just don't flatter yourself.

I love a lot of animals, anime and manga, the typical cute s**t.
But I am obsessed with zombies and Frozen. The Walking Dead is my favorite show.

There's a lot more to me, but frankly I'm too tired to write more.
I worked my a** off at the barn today.
So goodbye.

I used to hate goodbyes. Never understood how people could easily say it and never see you again.
But now I understand. Goodbyes have the word good in them because that person surely deserves to be booted.


Guests to Reincarnation

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Kiya Rose
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Friends worth
melting for.