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Gender: Male

Location: Michigan

Birthday: 12/29/1977

Occupation: Freelance Flash Game Engine Coder

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Ziro thanks you for visiting his profile.
* salutes *

He is a freelance programmer for browser-based Flash game engines. While most of his work is done for clients, he also has two games of his own, both have been sponsored. Please check out his test site to see some of these games.

Ziro's reason for joining GaiaOnline was the game, zOMG!, which unfortunately, has been taken out of service.

Please have a look around. He likes comments and PMs, so please don't be shy.
(Especially people on his friends list - he's looking at you. * points *)

- Ziro out.


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Sadorath Report | 04/17/2015 9:18 am
Thanks man! I only received birthday wishes on Gaia none on facebook where my family is then only got two cards crying rofl probably cause Im 24 now >.>
Hyperspacebby Report | 03/31/2015 8:44 am
I mostly defflty will, I had him since I was 9. l:
one day, I'll slither out from my depression.
I didn't realize how much I was attached to him
Hyperspacebby Report | 03/28/2015 4:09 pm
My dog hadn't been doing so well for the past week, I was prbly going to have him put down this Tuesday.
Well my fat a** left to go get taco bell even though he was puking and shaking
My mom said that as soon as I pulled out of the drive way he passed away
I feel like s**t
Lemon Emperor Report | 03/21/2015 1:40 pm
Lemon Emperor
Thanks for the tip! I'm sure I've seen your website before...
Hmm, are you working on any projects at the moment?
KoteVonKat Report | 02/22/2015 5:59 pm
-Grunts- tell me about it, I was really excited ever since I got to be a zETA and then the release date
Then they stopped updating things, and later on they said they were going to make updates, I dreaded said moment
I mean, whatever they touched they ruined through said period of time and I bitterly had to say goodbye to zOMG v -v
But yeah, I've been here for quite a long while, sadly I've started growing distant from forums and all that though
KoteVonKat Report | 02/20/2015 10:46 pm
I'll be expecting that, if it is okay with you, I'd like to befriend you so I could bask in your glorious profile once you're done with it,
Yeah, well, a little longer than that since I lost access to a previous account somewhere around 2003;
I feel old D= But then again I was a kid back then, not even a teen lol
Still, 10 years in this place, damn, I'm to afraid to leave it anymore XD
KoteVonKat Report | 02/20/2015 3:34 pm
Thou cannot hide yer secrets from me o . o
I was sorting through stuff to buy, found your store, made me curious
(I'm really curious by nature)
And checked your profile and games.
KoteVonKat Report | 02/19/2015 11:23 am
Your first game reminds me of quite a few games bundled up
Eternal The Angel Report | 12/29/2014 10:04 am
Eternal The Angel
gaia_angelleft Happy birthday, Mr. Ziro! gaia_angelright
Felis Hircus Report | 12/25/2014 6:00 am
Felis Hircus
And thanks for the link. I actually found out about it before hand from people talking about it on Skype. biggrin

I found the timing to be perfect as we were just discussing Flash vs. Html5. Seems like Gaia's devs themselves are considering switching over and are in the mean time learning the language. Could potentially see some Html5 games from them in the future. 3nodding




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