Primary Alias: Zinistra

Epithets, other names: Vandella, Oestra, Lady Night, D’endrrah, Ayahuasca the Devourer, Mistress of the Blood Void, Yidhra the Dream Witch, The Red Wolf of Kyartholm

Lifeform Classification: Daemon

Species: Succubus

Year of Birth: 1562

Height: Usually 5'4, but this varies as she shape-shifts.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Occupation: Inconclusive. As a succubus, she is expected to diligently steal the souls of the men she lies with, but she seems to be keeping herself busy with everything else but that.

Notable Powers
‣ High-level Black Magic
‣ Flight
‣ Immortality
‣ Dream Walking and Manipulation
‣ Shape-shifting
‣ Reality Warping and Manipulation
‣ Naturally heightened daemonic senses, strength, and durability
‣ Soul/Power/Energy consumption by various means
‣ Power Gifting and Wish Granting
‣ Hypnotism and Illusion Creation by various means
‣ Teleportation of persons and objects to and from alternate dimensions
‣ Extensive knowledge of the supernatural and various magics

Not much is known for certain about the succubus other than she enjoys having fun at other people’s expense. She is coquettish, self-centered, thoughtless, condescending, hypocritical, conniving, and temperamental: knowing she can bend almost anyone to her will with either a smile or a snarl. Yet—for reasons she does not seem keen on elaborating—Zinistra seemingly defies her nature as a succubus and prefers to just tease, frustrate, intimidate, and annoy people with sexual innuendos, showy outfits, threats of bodily harm, and uncomfortable questions. She is not so much sexy as she is wildly inappropriate. Her levels of teasing vary from innocent to obnoxious to just downright scary. When she does express her natural succubus inclinations, it is only as frighteningly twisted sadism. Although she possesses immense and formidable magical powers (unnatural for a seemingly low-level daemon) she often chooses to abuse her powers for trivial and immature pranks and spectacles to amuse her usual blasé demeanor. Although typically careless with her powers and too lazy to fight, she will use disproportionate force against anything that tests her legendary temper.

Herself; Lingerie; her whipping crop, Tabitha; prudes; perverts; people-watching; showing off; teasing people; causing bodily harm to others; giving orders; people who follow her orders; bloodsports; being nosey; gambling; playing pranks; sexual innuendos; blood baths; learning new things; powerful souls

Being touched without permission (especially her horns); not having her way; being asked for sexual favors; weak souls; following other people’s rules; nosey people; clothes that cover up too much; people who enjoy being physically abused

• The alias 'Zinistra' nor her other epithets are the true names of this daemoness. She claims to have forgotten her mortal name and it appears that her true name has been lost through the ages. This makes Zinistra impossible to summon, banish, or otherwise control.

• Her crop, Tabitha, is sentient. It has been known to hiss, bite, sting, burn, and “blink” its little red “spots”—all without any visible or audible commands from the succubus. It is also known to shape-shift into other kinds of weapons and stretch to infinite lengths. When another person attempts to wield Tabitha, it will attack.

• Although she defies her duties as a succubus, there are some innate succubi traits that seem to never go away. As a succubus, Zinistra has the uncontrollable ability to detect sexual thoughts and energy and have them adversely affect her. A strong enough spike in sexual energy materializes as her tail standing up straight like a lightning rod upon detection and becoming inexplicably aroused. It annoys her to great lengths and is one of the reasons she tends to avoid pubs and anime conventions.

• Another element of her passive succubus powers, Zinistra will appear different to different people, according to their desires. How dramatic the appearance depends on the person. For example, she may appear in her preferred red daemon form, but with a body type or facial structure that is most attractive to whoever is looking at her. If the person has a passionate obsession, Zinistra may even appear as a specific age, species, individual, or wearing a certain outfit. This only affects appearances, as Zinistra will still be her same brash personality (unless the person viewing her is REALLY head-over-heels in love). Zinistra is never aware of how she appears to other people until they tell her or she forcefully invades their dreams. The only way to dispel this illusion is to eliminate desire from the self, but even that only allows one to see Zinistra’s preferred illusion of her red daemon self. Zinistra claims that the only ones to have seen her true form have died or were driven mad.

• A self-proclaimed connoisseur of souls, Zinistra has eaten enough to sustain her for another century.

• Although her wings are quite small and appear useless, Zinistra is still capable of flight—and at impressive speeds too. The succubus spends most of her time floating off the ground, so it can be assumed that her ability to defy gravity comes from something else.

• Zinistras skin is hot enough to burn anything that comes into contact with it. Standing next to her is like standing in front of an open oven. The temperature can also increase or decrease depending on her mood. Although she probably could perform a cooling spell on herself and others, Zinistra believes that if people can withstand her god-awful personality, they can put up with the heat too.

• Never ever ever touch her horns. Never.

• Also it's probably not a good idea to touch her eyepatch either. Or you might fall in.

• Zinistra is left-handed.

• As much as people would hope she would, Zinistra cannot die with the same permanence as one would expect with death. Because her demonic body does not follow the mechanics of the mortal plane, (because she doesn't belong there) even if she were disintegrated her body would just manifest someplace else. Her only explanation for this phenomena is "as long as desire exists, so will succubi".


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