Hello Gaians, outerspace aliens and...fish. My name is Zilluminate, Zill, Illumi or whatever you may want to call me. I have a guilty pleasure for books, anime, manga, fanfiction and youtube. My hobbies are random and my interests jump sporadically on a biweekly basis. They range from writing poems and sewing to hiking, memorizing pi and trying not to sound like I'm emulating Edogawa Conan when I try (and epically fail) to sing.


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Akumu Koshmar Mareritt

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Akumu Koshmar Mareritt

*sobs* gaia needs to update towns soo bad xD
Akumu Koshmar Mareritt

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Akumu Koshmar Mareritt

Hey, do you have unwanted flowers? I been running a bit low and I can't enters towns because I am stuck on tablet.

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thanks for the donations again!! blaugh

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thank you for shopping at the caravan of curiosities
do come again sometime

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Thank you for buying!! heart
Nari Rebel

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Nari Rebel

Thanks for buying and pretty profile

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Aw, thanks! This is my one that I worked on with friends when I first joined, so it has sentimental value heart

I've been seeing you around Achievements, you helped me get Clambake~!

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I'm completely head over heels for your avvie heart

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Yeah, but I'm sure even facial expressions are just XBox and at worst PC mods. Poser is not at all for facial expressions--as the name suggests it's for body poses. In fact, that's why the early parts of RWBY really, really suffered from stiff faces. Though I did look it up and apparently they did use Poser for a lot of things while Monty was at the head. I guess they use it because Monty is good at/likes it. Makes sense considering that the guy did what he could to be efficient in his work. What I read is that Monty really liked the interface... Damn, I just realized that this has serious implications for RWBY--will they keep using Poser or switch to something more traditional?

Yeah, the Wiki tends to catch things you missed/that the creators reveal in between eps so it's a good resource. Well, we don't know a lot about Jaune's semblance, it could still be anything seeing as we haven't really seen it per se. Well, maybe, but Mercury less so. Mercury is cool. emotion_awesome
Would that be Crime or Creme? lol I mean the former makes sense but so does the latter in the context of all the food references in the show. xd
Could also be MERC.
Cinder, my queen~ heart

Haha. Well, there'd be lots of stuff, yeah. But lots of ships. lol
I also thought she was Yang's mother. Actually, I thought she was Ruby's mother though I realized the problems with that theory. But I don't know anymore. lol
Can't wait to get answers in Vol. 3.

Jaune is pretty much a stereotypical screw-up guy. Who does one or two things right every so often. Haha.
Yeah, that's what it would be like. And not gonna lie, the fandom would probably turn it into some harem-type deal for Jaune as far as ships go with the four girls... lol
Yeah, he's best off as a supporting character when I put it that way.

Watch it watch it F/Z is fantastic and F/SN UBW is pretty good too. Though if you see F/Z first you might enjoy the other a little less, the standards will have been raised. lol
I put off the latter because I felt that I'd already seen enough Unlimited Blade Works in the previous adaptation but the animation and plot is so much better in that adaptation.
I'm waiting for the Heaven's Feel anime. So happy they announced one for that route because they've already done a move and two anime adaptations of Unlimited Blade Works.

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Actually, no--RvB is filmed using actual game footage if I'm not mistaken. It's an example of what some would call machinima. Machine + cinema.
Yeah, RT has unconventional ways of animating their stuff. lol
I don't think they use Poser for sponsorship reasons, they probably do it because it's different. I dunno. xd

According to the Wiki, Glynda's is telekinesis. Though I have to admit, it's not easy to deduce that either from the little of what we've seen of Glynda. Semblances are kinda like an aura, I guess. Some are really obvious like Pyrrha's polarity/magnetism. Jaune is potential, yeah, but rarely anything more than that. I think from that ep in Vol. 1 with Cardin it was implied that his Semblance was a defensive one.
Yeah, I guess some people like Torchwick. I find him a bit of a nuisance and not just in the story-based way. I want to see more Mercury and less of him, but to each their own. lol
Agreed with you there. Cinder don't need no man except me *shot*

I know right? I can draw and sing. Not well and I do it like twice a year. lol
Oh man if I could only draw people I would be drawing all the ships. xd
I don't go to the forums much, but sometimes I do read the wiki just to make sure I haven't missed anything big.
Yep, Neo is short for Neopolitan. And I guess it would only be when she's serious if she really does have a voice actress. Same guess with her power there.
Speaking of Neo, I wonder more about Raven. How strong she is and how she just chased Neo away. And her relation to Yang.
I know right? If only Jaune could do something right more than twice in one season. Damn his incompetence is grating. xd
It might actually work well with Jaune as the main, I agree, with the four girls being his superior supporting cast. But nah, I think Jaune works fine as a supporting character. lol

Thanks, though it might take forever and I've still got that eternal queue of stuff I need to watch but am too unmotivated to (might just binge rewatch Fate/zero and Fate/stay night UBW again just because).