Where to start... Well, I am just a regular guy. I go by the online name of Zikoro and I am pretty much google-able.

Ok, now... I just got a Playstation 3. So if you guys want to add me, I am ZeroAdiel. I play a lot of games on there and I hope to play with some of you.

So mainly I play online games and go online a lot so you will find me here on Myspace a lot unless I'm playing online games. I'm one of those AZN guys that loves electronics, yeah i'm being sorta of a stereotype but I just love electronics.

As I said before, I play a lot of online games from my laptop... mainly free 2 play games since i'm to broke to pay for any of it and I don't have a credit card.. anyways listing them and my characters so yeah... if you know me come chat me up.

Acually, that is all I remember for now but it will be updated in time ^^;

I do have many messengers so if you need to contact me more fast or just to see if i'm online, just ask and I will tell my IMs

Oh... I really can't believe I forgot to mention this... I'm a really big anime freak.If you name an anime, I most likely seen it at least once... from one episode or something about it. If, by a very slim chance, you find a anime I haven't heard of, I'll be looking that up and trying to watch in a split second XD

Lets see... well... that is it for now but if you have some questions for me, just send me a message and i'll be happy to reply


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If you ever need help or anything just let me know! Maybe I'll swing by and join just for the fun of it.


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Now you know! > u <

I joined in January of 2004. Yeah! So many things have changed!

You can become that RP'errrr~ Just gotta dust yourself off a bit and get in there! *Whoosh!*
Inazuman Frash

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Inazuman Frash

I miss you too ziko. So does Kai, lol we were playing on the new game samba RAN server for nostalgia a few days ago.

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Looks like we are on the same boat! I have been on gain for just as long! (This isn't my main account)

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Not gonna lie, we kinda do. Lol!
No! Don't say that you'll make me feel just as old!
But hey, if you ever go get back to it you'll be just as good. n.n
And then I realize you said it's been 2 years...and my mind gets blown once more. XD

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Ack! What a bummer! Guess you got that problem solved now, eh? X

Hahaha, yep! Just like everyone else experienced few new things both good and bad but all ending good if you ask me. C:
Lately I've been hooked on this RP. You should check it out if you have the chance! Link is in my signature~

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Well! Welcome back, friend!
I have been doing well, thanks for askin'. n.n

Yourself? I'll assume life has kept you busy and away?

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*pokes back*
Nighttime Symphony

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Nighttime Symphony

Well, I turned 21, and I'm a junior in college now! Can you believe it?
Nighttime Symphony

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Nighttime Symphony

I'm doing well! i'm on winter break! Yay for having a working computer!

How have you been?


I love random PMs and RPs

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