Hi all!

I live in the periodically cold and occasionally beautiful country called Sweden. When I'm not on Gaia, I am most likely eyebrow-deep in some physics book.

I recently decided that I want to know all there is to know about all there is to know, which may seem like a quest not taken on lightly. Fortunately, as it turns out, I think I'll settle for knowing quite a bit about the most fundamental laws that govern matter and energy, so I'll be busybusybusy for the next, oh, five years or so two years to go, while studying for a master's degree.

I have started specializing now for the final two years so I'll be learning a lot about quantum mechanics and nano technology. Also a little bit about space and lasers because Star Trek. 3nodding


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idleRAT Report | 10/31/2017 4:44 am
Aww, that is a bit sad. Fishing might pick up more when the Halloween event is over, but it needs some love from Gaia to get people interested in it again, imho. LK definitely needs some kind of social feature added, it does get a bit lonely. zOMG! is a good choice, there's some Halloween stuff going on in there(that I'm sure you found xd ) and the gold dropped from that is/was pretty good, so there should be people in there playing most of the time at the moment. heart

And wow, that's great, well done you! Quantum Mechanics sounds pretty heavy! What kind of a career are you going for when you've graduated? surprised
idleRAT Report | 10/30/2017 3:48 am
What, no fishing? xd LK is pretty fun though...and profitable! And collecting all the kins is fun too. It's funny how quickly the time goes by when you're playing.

Five years is a long time eek you're very hard-working though, no doubt you can do it. And if you find yourself with any extra free time during it or afterwards, there's always room for you on the mod team ;p
idleRAT Report | 10/29/2017 3:41 pm
Whoa, it certainly does! That's great to hear, is it a four year course?
We've missed you here, it's great to see you online, even if you're only stopping in to say hello whee

I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. Nothing interesting to tell you really, hmm...
idleRAT Report | 10/29/2017 11:56 am
Hello!! It’s been forever, I hope you’re doing well heart How’s everything going?

*snugs back*
Knight Yoshi Report | 10/28/2017 2:05 pm
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Knight Yoshi Report | 10/28/2017 2:04 pm
Valenas Report | 10/28/2017 12:03 pm
Sounds intense. I hope you do well.

I still work full time at a veterinary hospital. I petsit in my spare time, otherwise I still end up spending a lot of time on this site.
Valenas Report | 10/28/2017 11:44 am
Still doing some hardcore schooling?
Valenas Report | 10/28/2017 11:37 am
A sign of life. heart
MonkeyandFishyforever4 Report | 10/27/2017 11:08 pm
thxs for buying heart




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