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Birthday: 11/17


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Birthday is Nov. 17th (♏) ♬ Studio Artist ;; Agender ;; Left handed ;; Courier Six.

I remembered my log in info, so this is a blast from the past. Good Lordt.
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RIP Boogs :c

People who gave me things~ :3
Blood Mistress Kyoku - Gave me a baby, snoop hoodie and holy gauntlets <3
Multi-Colored Condom - Tons-o-crap. c:
Kitten Graffiti - Pretty dresses.
Anons - A virgin dress, a hat, some inks, stockings, legwarmers, and stuff I don't remember, that one Medic item, disembodied arms. heart
Eri The Crimson - 50k
Bee - An umbrella & 10k
Kari - 29k
The Protection Pixie - A hat
the bad rhyme in lowercase fairy - Jellyfish cape
GCD pirates- Pirate goodies
Rain - A maid outfit


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Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 11/17/2017 8:45 am
Of course I did! It was your birthday! <3

I hope you had an awesome birthday~ <3333
Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 09/19/2017 3:54 pm
OH. You just reminded me. We had a huge wasp thing trying to get into our apt about a month ago. I think it was this thing.DEVIL BUG

I'll send the cool your way. ; ~ ; Once things cool down here at least. Things keep going back to the 70'-80's here. D8
Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 09/19/2017 3:06 pm
Ugh. I'm ready for Winter to get here already. Or at least fall. Gimme cold weather please. i have the ******** off big a** spider living in my driver's side mirror that needs to go. You want to adopt 'im? I remember you like entomology.
Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 09/09/2017 2:30 pm
That's good! so you're back out West?
I'm doing pretty great~
I'm still with the same guy as before (in roughly 12 days we'll be celebrating 7 years of being together ). We're living in Ohio now and I'm working for an IT company.
Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 09/09/2017 10:25 am
HEYYYY!!! It's been forever! heart
How are you? How's life? emotion_kirakira
mechaW999 Report | 03/31/2016 7:10 am
Blood Mistress Kyoku Report | 11/15/2013 8:32 am
Fee!! I miss you!! You birthday is coming u so happy early birthday! <3
Tsundere Succubus Report | 05/27/2013 12:54 pm
iiPookums Report | 08/30/2012 2:43 pm
skype! yessssss! my user name is still iipookums
but but but but my email is jennajimenez@yahoo.com just in case c:
Darkened_Queen_Of_Hearts Report | 07/29/2012 3:45 pm
Yeah I tried loading it the other day still doesn't work but I do have something called Raid Call you can't see each other but you can talk to each other. ^^

Oh boy sounds like fun.


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