Oi. Kumusta ka?
Ako si Dave.

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Birthday is Nov. 17th (♏) ♬ I live in West Lafayette now. I miss the beach. ;; I'm a Boiler Maker ;; Entomology Major ;; I joined gaia in late '04-'05 D: I've spent too much time here, haha;; .:: Pinoy ::. ;; I speak three languages, English, Japanese and Tagalog. I understand Spanish for the most part, but I don't speak it. ♬ I'm nerdy as hell, but who cares, nerds are the gods of the future. ;; I'm left handed ;; I am the Thane of Whiterun. emotion_donotwant ;; I draw, but only on my own terms. (Because I'm horribly lazy) ;; ..This is all I have right now.

I don't accept random friend requests. I have to at least know who I'm friending. D:< So don't be creepers, 'kay?

People who gave me things~ :3
Blood Mistress Kyoku - Gave me a baby, snoop hoodie and holy gauntlets <3
Multi-Colored Condom - Tons-o-crap. c:
Kitten Graffiti - Pretty dresses.
Anons - A virgin dress, a hat, some inks, stockings, legwarmers, and stuff I don't remember, that one Medic item, disembodied arms. heart
Eri The Crimson - 50k
Bee - An umbrella & 10k
Kari - 29k
The Protection Pixie - A hat
the bad rhyme in lowercase fairy - Jellyfish cape
GCD pirates- Pirate goodies
Rain - A maid outfit


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Oh Lawdy~



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Blood Mistress Kyoku

Report | 11/15/2013 8:32 am

Blood Mistress Kyoku

Fee!! I miss you!! You birthday is coming u so happy early birthday! <3
Tsundere Succubus

Report | 05/27/2013 12:54 pm

Tsundere Succubus


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skype! yessssss! my user name is still iipookums
but but but but my email is jennajimenez@yahoo.com just in case c:

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Yeah I tried loading it the other day still doesn't work but I do have something called Raid Call you can't see each other but you can talk to each other. ^^

Oh boy sounds like fun.

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WAH!!! I misses you!! *glomps* I misses you whole bunches little brother!!

Repack to go back to school?

Report | 07/13/2012 10:08 pm


I didn't see any fireworks not even from my own window but I sure did hear them lots of them.

FEE!! Every time I see a bug I think of you! How are you? How is school going?

Report | 07/05/2012 9:00 am


No...This week has been hectic. But I will promise I check tumblr daily so I'll work on it, I am writing it down on paper though since I have like two screens up and I keep scratching things out that I don't like or don't fit.

oh oh did you have a happy fourth?

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oh thank you! That helps a lot!

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lol Everything! I'm particularly unsure about the races and things.


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Draw me with the RED Medic or Brynjolf?