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USAGI and KUMA is Speaking:

Hello there. I am Zetsubou Usagi-Kuma or “Usagi” for short. As you can see, I am a girl. I've been a member of Gaia for more than 3 years-
’EY THERE, LOSERS! Name’s Zetsubou Kuma-Usagi or “Kuma” to my pimps. I got tits so clearly I’m a chick. Been stalking here for more than 3 years.
Must you be so crude? Anywho, I’m not very good with conversations so...here are the basics:

I watch TV way more than I should. My favorite shows consists of Steven Universe, Modern Family, Bee and Puppycat...etc. And mostly cartoons. Can't forget about cartoons~ I tend to stay away from Disney Channel because…well…have you seen what they put on that channel nowadays? Horrifying. And I’m the one that brings despair.

I draw. A lot. I’m mediocre at best. Just don’t ask for avi art because I don’t know the process for doing so. Ain’t having none of that sh**, no sir.

I play videogames. Currently playing A Witch's Tale and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (again).My favorite videogame series are: Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Dangan Ronpa, and Phoenix Wright. As you can see, I'm a major Dangan Ronpa freak. (Almost to the brink of obsession.) Embrace it, loser.

You must be confused about this bicolored post, so let me explain. There are the two of us posting. Me, Zetsubou Usagi-Kuma (Usagi) and me, Zetsubou Kuma-Usagi (Kuma). Here is what you need to know:

Usagi-Kuma: I’m the nicer one of the two. I speak in blue writing and wear lighter colors than Kuma does. Kuma’s a little sarcastic (and a little mean). She may say some really dreadful things, but please don’t take her seriously.

Kuma-Usagi: God, I am so sorry you had to suffer through her insignificant babbling. I’m the better one of the two. I speak in dark red clothing and wear darker colors most of the time. Usagi’s pretty wimpy and naïve, so it’s pretty easy to pull a fast one on her.

Sigh…anywhoo~ If you see “Zetsubou Usagi-Kuma” speaking without “Usagi” or “Kuma” in her header, than…that’s not us speaking. She’s the Mastermind to us both.



December, 2014

Zetsubou Kuma-Usagi here, wrecking sh** and causing drama!
Good Afternoon, you guys! It's now January! Rise and Shiiiiine, ya little turds.
Let's make today into the best day it can be!

Ahh, January! The start of a new year~


We're new year babies~ (Must you scream?)


Make your new year resolutions! Try new things!

My new year's resolution is to bring despair wherever I go!

That's always your resolution. My resolution is to draw more. Gotta start my comic soon. >3<

*Drum roll*

Happy New Year!

Don't fall to despair!

Because if ya do, you'll fall under the spell of your new Supreme Overlord!~

Seriously, don't.


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Dragon Cross Report | 02/27/2015 5:48 pm
Dragon Cross
Holy *bleep*!

Thanks a lot for the prize. There are one of the items that I lost when I got hacked! Thank you, really! I do appreciate it. biggrin 3nodding
x_MarsyBear_x Report | 02/26/2015 1:40 pm
omg thank you for the gift ;u;
Swirly Imp Report | 02/24/2015 1:21 pm
Swirly Imp
redface awe geez...thank you.
Swirly Imp Report | 02/24/2015 1:07 pm
Swirly Imp
OMGosh I LOVE your avi, super pink cuteness! heart heart heart
Kellycheeseburger10 Report | 02/14/2015 8:09 pm
Thank you so much for the gifts! Like REALLY!!! heart I really appreciate it SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. crying crying crying crying crying heart heart
Kawaii Van Report | 01/25/2015 11:08 am
Kawaii Van
omg your profile is awesome! >w<
Lady Saosin Report | 12/30/2014 2:05 pm
Lady Saosin
gaia_nitemareleft Thank you for your purchase gaia_nitemareright
cottoncandyFRIZZ Report | 06/01/2014 4:14 pm
Royal Soda Report | 05/20/2014 7:57 pm
Royal Soda

Uaaah, I came in here to tell you that your post style is so cute~

And then I got super distracted by A Witch's Tale, xD <3.
mandapanda412 Report | 05/06/2014 8:03 pm
cute avi