Ethnicity:Native Aboriginal Canadian
School: Timmins High & Vocational School(TH&VS Blues XD)
Skills:Robotic Engineering, Welding, Wood Working, Computer Hacking(LMAO no no im just fooling here), Computer Programing, Drafting, and being broke XD
Hobbies biggrin rawing, making games in turing(yay the crapiest programing system out there),replying in forums, arguing, making videos, hanging with friends, and playing game on my PS2 ^_^

Yoh! My names Darren Manchester(A. K. A. Darr-King by my older sister -.-*) I'm a hard core gamer and anime-otaku, im into everything thats fun, like football, girls, games, girls, computers, girls, anime, oh and did I mention girls? Anywho's, I'm the type of fat guy who's smart and gets into everything, including trouble. Oh and the only reason most of my AMV's or game footage is becuase most of my anime episodes are OGM files. anywho's im contactible at Dot_Hacker_Legacy@yahoo.ca and Dot_Hacker_Legacy@msn.com

(Desktop)- ASUS MOBO
Celeron(R) - 2.79 GHz Overclocked to 3.1 GHz
512 DDR RAM X2
AGP ATI 128MB Video Card(Some ATI Video card that I'm to lazy to look at what it may be for the moment)
C: (1 IDE HDD 40 GB)
F: (1 IDE HDD 80 GB)
G: (1 SATA HDD 80 GB)
D: (1 HDD 160 GB)
Monitor(17" standerd monitor)
TV(32" TV acting as monitor)

(Notebook)- Dell (dude! I got a Dell!)
Celeron(R) 2.19 GHz
256 DDR ram
Onboard vid card
1 HDD 30 GB
standerd DVD/RW-Rom 43x36x38
Single Monitor(15" built in monitor)


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Report | 05/01/2007 3:30 pm


Baka ga wakaru ka?
Zero-The NineBreaker

Report | 04/11/2007 5:29 pm

Zero-The NineBreaker

No problemmo to both of you. *huggles HanBan" <.< >.> Mine!
Mikuro Sazuma

Report | 04/11/2007 4:23 pm

Mikuro Sazuma

Thank you!!!
Your avie is really cool.
<3 =D

Report | 04/03/2007 8:19 pm


Yaay! Hiya! Thankies for the comment!
Zero-The NineBreaker

Report | 04/03/2007 7:20 pm

Zero-The NineBreaker

nothing much, I should hope the ceiling is up O.o....*looks up to make sure*

Report | 04/03/2007 1:59 pm


Zero-The NineBreaker

Report | 03/31/2007 11:59 am

Zero-The NineBreaker

Yes, yes you did meet me fishing XD

Report | 02/10/2007 7:39 pm


hey did i meet you fishing??

Report | 02/10/2007 7:38 pm


hiya!! yaya 1st comment!! mrgreen
hey new friend!! awesome avi.. xd


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