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Javier Cross Report | 08/30/2014 8:03 am
Javier Cross
Well, considering how we're apparently cursed in a whacked out case of 'Terrorists vs Terrorists' as though everyone's a Terrorist, I'd rather
not jinx out how it's gonna get even worse than it already is at the moment, either way.

By 'Special', we don't mean in any Mad Science worthy of being on the same tiers as Marvel 616 or Ultimate Alliance!-Doctor Doom or either version of Tenchi Muyo's Kagato(Original/OVA or Universe versions, respectively.) right? (Exact Same Level is debatable though.)
That would be horribly Ironic, I can imagine Hazama having Brute-like tendencies(minus the stereotypical 'brainless-ness' associated with the role.) yet whether anyone likes
him or not, a lot of what makes him so horrific to fight against at all stems from his intelligence and knowing how to use the resources available to him.
That Blue-Haired Dude(regardless if you've read The Original Light Novel or not) being a bigger threat than the Alfheim Arc's final boss is just too much wrong on too
many tiers, because levels are not enough to describe the idea.

Must I go enlighten anyone on expanding how even at his worst state Voldemort's lot got-back-up-to-par the moment TDH finally got out?
Let alone how even in early Ocarina of Time!-Ganondorf's no strategic slouch either, for that matter?
Hmm, if nothing else, the idea of watching Leafa literally going pink-chested could be kind of hot. redface
Still, Asuna and Leafa being alarmed on Kirito is still entertaining all the same, so if nothing else with consequences,
we can always go see that idea being literally drawn-to-life.

(OOC: I tend to number the digressions most of the time.
I'm not even out to do it on purpose so much as it happens just by impulse, overlap is possible but
most of the time there wasn't overlap with doing it on purpose. crying
Do I have ADD or something?)
Javier Cross Report | 08/30/2014 6:39 am
Javier Cross
Because attempting to find a set of points to go tackle and dispose of
risks leaving room for more long-run migraines than dealt away with, later, right?

I find it kind of disturbing how there's Antagonists with far greater resources
than Voldemort's lot or a lot of the G.U era Antagonists would have on them, yet far less intelligence to back any of it up
with the right means.
If Hazama's presence means Hell's Freezing over, then barring detailed spoilers Hazama without his plans would
not make sense at all to say the least.(Although he's not the only one as there's also Relius, but Nostalgia-wise Hazama's just more obvious.)
Yet despite being far from End Game Boss Material, he's still far more of a threat than the Alfheim Arc's Main Antagonist, correct?
Now if only some of Voldemort's own Officers were allowed an Arc of their own during the War that involved screwing with their plans,
we know some of the G.U era Antagonists got allowed as much, correct?
I wonder between Asuna and/or Leafa with which one would be more embarrassed and more pink-chested on the fact the Nurse knows
more than they do on Kirito's nad-sizes, exactly. (Which don't seem too shabby, but not the point either.)
On the upside, Leafa's chest turning pink could be visually 'fun' somehow.
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 8:11 pm
Javier Cross
I highly agree with that, and we'd also need more professional Authors like Jim 'The Great' Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, the Riordan Family(Richard 'Rick' Riordan included) and
Myke Cole out there, and less non-writers like E.L James or Kristen Cast out there, really.
Far Easier Said Than Done when we can't even undo the redundancies in the U.S Education System though.

Like seeing a castrated fusion of some of the AIDA-infused Dot Hack//G.U era Antagonists and Tom Marvelo Riddle's Diary, minus the intelligence and cunning that
made them so bloody deadly in the first place.
Or Try to imagine a Hazama without his planning for that matter.
If I gotta hand any kudos to Death Gun, he feels like a properly fleshed-out Officer for some of the Bigger Bads,
something I can't remember if any of the Officers of Voldemort's Lot can say to that degree, other than Lestrange, Malfoy Senior, Dolohov and maybe Greyback that is.
Like as far as Kirito's nad-sizes are concerned and whatnot, PTSD-related regards aside?
Not too different from Lockon Stratos in some sense or another, apart from being more obvious.
Nobody bothers to say it aloud that everyone in Season 02 or at least from Gun Gale Online reads
and feels like a Miniaturized Mobile Suit, right?

I wonder if the 'Certain' Shows are in Hulu or Netflix by chance.
When the Toonami fleet can afford to get the 'Certain' shows, a chance to jump for joy would exist?
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 7:35 pm
Javier Cross
Hmm, I wonder between tackling the nation-wide Glow in the Dark Trees across the streets and stuff, dealing with Ferguson matters and getting rid of the Westburo society with which 2 out of the 3 things ought to go first, we do in fact need new trees if we don't wanna die all over the place.

I guess it's a very bad combination of that and the Alfheim Antagonist not being a credibly intelligent threat in his own right on his own, with or without supernatural matters going on.
I'm hoping the Coffin Nutcases can surprise me in terms of threat levels, tastefully speaking anyway.
Did they even say whether or not Kirito has a Split-Personality of some kind or another at work?
We know Sinon has that.
I'm all for self-defense clauses, but is the general public supposed to be numbed out in such a way, the general public failed to apprehend a wounded
criminal, a little girl had to kill him and now said girl winds up estranged from her mother and whatnot!?
That kind of thing wouldn't matter to Post-Changes Dresden to be fair, to be fairer I did note that Xth form Haseo(with the Data Drain variants available) or Flynn from SMT 4/IV have better
odds against Mere Post-Changes Dresden(Not Apocalyptic Trilogy Dresden.) than Kirito does, did I not?
I'm gonna save who or what's to blame for that for other times, but the point's firmly grounded.
Still, Kirito as a miniature Mobile Suit is kind of fun at times.

It's just easier for me to use Hulu or Netflix to watch an Anime series than it is to watch said series outside of either site, actually.
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 7:03 pm
Javier Cross
We can't even keep Ferguson safe no matter how we look at it, best to opt on dealing with one or two In-Nation problems
at a time and once those matters are settled until further notice, we can see if we will tackle the rest already.
As Much as I want to see a Nation-wide planting of Glow-in-the-dark Trees, Ferguson's not a safe place to live to say the least, neither
is anywhere in Michigan for that matter as a State in the U.S.

Anime-wise there's almost-no-reconciliation-room displayed 'on-screen' going on with Alfheim, the Tentacle torment has no business being there,
and I can buy the idea of Kirito being caught with PTSD, but work to reconcile with and remember the fact he's a Do or Die 'Beater' while they're at it, blast it! mad
Didn't Asada save her mom's life because of what she did, for crying outloud!?
Bringing a Sword to a Gunfight would definitely be Hax-y if the Swordsman's also a Bullet-timer while they're at it, which Kirito as of Season 02's confirmed
to become.
Still gets Hax-Stomped to Ashes or a Bloody Floor-Smear by Post-Changes Harry Dresden, but pretty dang good for what it is.

Is RWBY that much easier to look at on DVD and the like than it is on the internet?
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 6:40 pm
Javier Cross
I'm pretty sure there's a hell of a lot more to it than just that, but it's as though
the general public's only focusing on that bit alone rather than factoring other critical things.
Like Redundant-without-Reason National Education for instance.

Fair enough, Anime-Wise I do hope it winds up becoming a far closer call, but I can settle for being Above Alfheim in terms of consequences.
You Think on that bit!?
I knew he was gonna use them eventually but it was a matter of when rather than why for the most part.

Also, I gotta watch this week's episode of RWBY: Volume 02.
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 6:24 pm
Javier Cross
Yet the General Masses have warmed up(in a positive way) to the idea of Modern-day Politicians being Moronic Cannon-Fodder, why are we
not allowed to go with deeper attempts at constructive criticism than just that, still as of yet?

Regardless if it counts or not, either way regardless if Sword Art Online 2.0 gets consequentially up-to-par with Fate/Zero, Psycho-Pass
or Madoka Magica,
let alone Gundam 00, I'll admit that the Miniature Mobile Suit-esque fighting will be A
positive highlight to look forward to in fact.
No blaming me for it aside from gazing at Sinon's @ss? -///- redface
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 6:03 pm
Javier Cross
In General, the best we can hope for is if match-suggester clarifies beforehand whether or not it'd be a
direct life-or-death matter on those directly involved, rather than a gauge on which is more useful for what kind
of matter
or which person's more combat-effective for long-run's sake?
Whether anyone likes it or not, most of the site reeks of life-or-death matters with few other types of matches
stuck in between, any wonder why in terms of Originality the site's gotten dry?

Sinon behaving like a Human-Sized Mobile Suit as ever aside, yes I enjoyed the video very much. :3
For some reason or another, a lot of the vids I did see sort of either reads like the kind of things I want to do, what I do and what I'd consider doing if given
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 5:38 pm
Javier Cross
That troubles me, that one site I linked you on in PMs has potential for more types of matches than life-or-death duels or campaigns,
yet it's rarely if ever used.
How are we supposed to gain a chance to consider Lockon vs Sinon in a shooting range 'contest' of sorts to gauge which is the Overall Better SharpShooter if
they're gunning each other down in this case?

Speaking of which, I'd sense I'd enjoy the following AMV, but I never realized just how true it would be.
Javier Cross Report | 08/28/2014 2:03 pm
Javier Cross
The downside to such ideas is that in exchange for honing sharp minds, it's basically risking a(nother) Dark Age to wind up existing not unlike whenever/if
Rome gets too dependent on the Gladiator Games and the like, right?

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