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Welcome to The Crimson Zero!!!

If you wish to barter or trade for an item feel free to PM me.

Most if not all prices are negotiable.


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Sukiyaki-Shi Report | 09/12/2014 11:14 pm
Yes it matters Zero-kun o-o

Thats like saying I should by Omega Ruby over Alpha Sapphire
Javier Cross Report | 09/12/2014 10:29 pm
Javier Cross
The Fighting with Aizen in the main story-lines are worthwhile and all, and some of the Filler Arcs in Bleach have cool concepts yet they're plagued with sluggish pacing,
but Ichigo not learning New Attacks in general Post-Soul Society!?
That Crosses the line to say the least.
Harry J. Potter is no saint about regards like that, but a lot of it stems between feeling surrounded by idiots 12/7(12 hours a day, 7 days a week.) if he was lucky at Magical matters,
and not having a Combat Instructor of any kind he'd have every honestly good reason to trust with his life who's capable of giving him Proper
Combat Instructions, and are actually AVAILABLE to do the teaching to begin with!

Haseo of the Dot Hack(.Hack) universe isn't perfect, but apart from not being a more 'proper' Mage Gunman(as TV Tropes would coin people.) due to being
less Pure-bred in Magical Usage, he makes up for it with knowing more Weapon-based Attacks and Combining it with what Spell-play he does know, and that's
without unleashing his 2-3 Personalities together.

I sense that Touma has reasons that border on Spoiler-iffic and you'll have to let sharing them wait until I get deeper into Index: Season 01, is that about right?

I wasn't disputing Hellsing's Alucard being The Vampire King and Earning that Title, I was just wondering how much of it was Innate Vamp Powers and how much
of Alucard's other powers stems from what he knows of Sorcery in general, but either way he's a Bloody Good Reality-Warper by all counts.
Javier Cross Report | 09/12/2014 10:15 pm
Javier Cross
Yet as far as settings are concerned, it feels a lot less bland than what happened to Bleach Post-Soul Society Arc in general, to say the least.
(Seriously, what the hell gives with redundant fight sequences with Ichigo and the others!?Ichigo didn't even learn 1 or 2 new attacks per each new fight he got into
after that Arc, which makes no bloody sense at all really.)

So you wouldn't have reason to suspect that Hellsing's Alucard has been studying Black Magic in general until you watch the series proper itself, right?
Javier Cross Report | 09/12/2014 10:03 pm
Javier Cross
This sucks eggs, but how did Index and Railgun get hit with Mainstream Prejudice going on, by chance?
Is it Role-play related regards that are a factor?

Also, not to mention The Black Magic Sorcerous 'Spices' going on for that matter?
Sukiyaki-Shi Report | 09/12/2014 9:52 pm
I would of stabbed you if you said WiiU

I wanna see Pokken ;D
Because we all love Tekken and Pokemon all in one game.
Javier Cross Report | 09/12/2014 9:46 pm
Javier Cross
I can tolerate the pacing being between One Piece and the Dot Hack(.Hack) Shows in general, Pre-Quantum(Which is amazing even by Dot Hack standards. crying ),
but I feel sad not many people know how to say the same.

Hellsing Ultimate is gonna be Oceans worth of bloody good fun if you get the drift, yes? twisted
Sukiyaki-Shi Report | 09/12/2014 9:42 pm
You better be refering to the 3DS U:<
Sukiyaki-Shi Report | 09/12/2014 9:31 pm
Pffft. No.
But Flowers are for the manly. I do think so myself.
And out of the love of boredom.
You need a flower in your life.
Like yep.
Sukiyaki-Shi Report | 09/12/2014 9:26 pm
Zero-kun is totally crazy about it.

*Decides to leave a bunch of flowers here. * Now tend them gardener!
They deserve to be in your great care!
Javier Cross Report | 09/12/2014 9:19 pm
Javier Cross
One Piece(For all its sluggish pacing despite its residents having actual 3-dimensional personalities at minimum.) and The Dot Hack(.Hack) shows are already
enough in regards to obtuse pacing issues, adding Index or Railgun might risk making matters worse on viewer patience, right!?
Great, just great. ;_;

Hellsing Ultimate, I always wanted to see that series so I can get away with talking about Skulduggery Pleasant vs Hellsing's Alucard in a 1-vs-1 Life-or-Death duel actually.

Zero the Crimson

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A little bit about me.

It's highly unlikely that I'll share my actual name with people, so feel free to just call me Zero. I am a male. I have a semi strong addiction to Anime and Manga, though I'm not all too picky about the genres, so long as it catches my attention.

Generally speaking, I'm a nice person though on occasion I can come across rather rude. I enjoy helping people, though mostly through friendly advice. Make no mistakes, just because I don't particularly like being harsh toward others doesn't mean I won't be if necessary. I don't particularly go out of my way to say unnecessary things, but when I feel like giving someone a piece of my mind I have no issues speaking as blunt as I see fit.
When I'm not on Gaia, I usually spend my free time:

-Reading (mostly manga)
-Watching Anime
-Playing around on YouTube
-or Playing around on XBox Live
For those that may be interested:

My XBox Live Gamertag is: Blood Knight 03


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