Yo, whats up The names Zero. Im a smart guy, Im into all kinds of s**t. Motherfucin Doctor who, Homestuck, and I play video games like its my ******** job, son. Wanna be chill? Just hit me up and don't be a ******** douche. Im a charitable ********, and Im pretty fucin chill with getting back what I put out, ya dig? I ******** cant stand when people make ******** internet references all the time. Once and a while? s**t is cash as ********, but if its all you talk about, best back up. Im not a very angry guy, so lets keep it that way. Wanna play s**t with me?

PSN: FantaFlamingoz
Steam: My ******** computer is broke, so I'll update this when it matters.

Anyway, I'm not too fond of chillin solo, so keep me in the loop and s**t, and don't be ******** shyin off to hangin out with me as much as you want. If I'm not busy, I'm ******** down.