「Gender: Female」「Birthday: 12/22/92 」「Age: 22」「Nationality: Chinese」

    I'm shy, and an introvert. I can be cold sometimes, but most of the time I'm a really nice, and sweet person if you don't get on my nerves. I really love to listen K-Pop and I also listen to other genres except Country. I mostly speak Cantonese, and English. I also speak a bit of French and Vietnamese. My favorite colors are black, white, and blue. I'm currently in college pursing in Graphic Design.
    I don't accept random friend requests unless I like you, and no asking for donation either. Btw, I used to be I Suki I

    I'll be rarely on Gaia because of inflation and zOMG is gone. So, I'll be playing Vindictus or Aion. Please feel free to give me your IGN if you are playing either of them.


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Birthday: 12/22