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- I'm a casual gamer. This apparently means that I'm worse than approximately five Satans for enjoying Skyrim.

- I'm a Southerner. Georgia, born and raised.

- My religion? Talos. I win forever at religion by default. If you are associated with the Aldmeri Dominion, then please kindly go get eaten by a grizzly bear. Thanks.

- I don't like legumes. Or babies.

- Have I complimented you, today? I dare say that whatever you're doing with your hair is absolutely fabulous.

- I'm really easy-going. Don't act like an a*****e to me or pester me, and we'll get along.

- I'm a bit of a regular in Heaven. You also might see me in the GCD from time to time.

- I love the s**t outta furries. You bastards are adorable.

- I fight live grizzly bears for a living. I drew this for you, because I love you.

- Some people have compared me to a skinnier Larry the Cable Guy. This is a falsehood, as I more greatly resemble Bruce Campbell circa Army of Darkness, with my rugged facial features, washboard abs of steel, and affinity for mounting power tools onto my limbs.



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OCs! Woo!

Here's all my fuzzy peoples. They like pets. So pet them, goddammit. Oh, and they bite.


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Steady Ride Report | 08/31/2015 8:15 pm
Steady Ride
Maybe you saw my friend Riotchu, she has a similar look emotion_kirakira

Hey, Skyn Tite though. Gave me a good rainbow ticket idea c8
Steady Ride Report | 08/31/2015 6:09 pm
Steady Ride
Wait what? xD
I wasn't in skin tyte today!
Steady Ride Report | 08/31/2015 4:18 pm
Steady Ride
Oh also this one:

Steady Ride Report | 08/31/2015 4:09 pm
Steady Ride
Here's a baby otter having a dream, for you emotion_c8

Steady Ride Report | 08/28/2015 12:25 am
Steady Ride
You might not need luck, if you work your current riches the right way whee

*rolls onto my back and lays on top of you, focusing my attention on stroking your feathers, tracing my fingers slowly through and around them*
Steady Ride Report | 08/27/2015 11:27 pm
Steady Ride
Hehheh. I saw your post about it when I peeked into the Heaven furry thread as I am wont to do now and then, but forgot about it til now. Congrats! :cute

*Snuggled further into your plumage* uw u
Steady Ride Report | 08/27/2015 9:41 pm
Steady Ride
gufu~ >w <
*My lower arms hold your waist as my upper arms spread, stroking the vibrant plumage*

Are these the spoils of your Geez-how-lucky-you-are-to-be-suddenly-gaia-rich bundle that you won? cx
Steady Ride Report | 08/27/2015 9:32 pm
Steady Ride
*Murrs and melts into you, completely oblivious to the apparent disappearance of your tails* '^ '
Steady Ride Report | 08/27/2015 8:50 pm
Steady Ride
*Makes a noise falling somewhere between a gutteral draconic grunt and a soft squeak and falls limp*
Steady Ride Report | 08/27/2015 8:41 pm
Steady Ride
*i sigh contently, enjoying the soft embrace if the tails* uw u By all means~



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