My destiny:
I guess you can say I'm a knight in black armor.. I'm the one who helps the knight in shiny armor save the world and get the girl.. My 'fate' is to be the Jack.. Jack of hearts..

The memories of the voices:
The deal was simple. I build them an impenetrable wall, they give me the moon. They got their wall.... What I get? The soul of the moon split into six.... I know the Gods play a twisted game of chess with us but that's a bit extreme don't you think? I have found five and don't plan on looking for the last... One, I consider a sister.. Two, is an extremely wild and broken soul... The third, is a lying two-faced temptress.. The fourth, she'll never know because I honestly will never tell her... Its better that way.... The fifth.... I love.... She was my wife in many of my lives.. She fought beside me.. Together, the Gods ran in fear.....
Now? Just alone...... Like a good little halfling.... I'll be the hermit just as before....

Now, on to hopes and dreams:
I had hopes that when I got that close to death my sins would have died as well.. People should forgive the past and try for a better future.. I was.... Crazy once..... I'm not going to lie, I love eating... A certain female area.. I smoke herbs as much as possible to keep from hurting others.. If I don't, I become an a*****e.. Get me high or I'll blow your F-ing house up, lol... Trust me, I can find you... If you have any questions for me I'm down to answer them, tho I'm bluntly honest and might hurt those who ask... I just regained all of my memories of the past seven years so ask away.. Unless your scerrrd... I guess I was on vacation when something (or someone) took my body.. I'm back, I'm pissed, and I'm here to stay...

Now what I like?
I'm a video game FREAK!! Hmm, I love poetry, making music, drawing, making games, writing, the night, I love my Luna (R.I.P.) and cloud gazing... If I'm online, I'm either in zOMG or Role-playing.. I enjoy killing but it's frowned upon in all civilizations so I'm stuck with killing re-spawning creatures.. My religion is Asatru.. If you dont know what it is, maybe its better that way cuz I wont tell you.. Honestly, my Gods frown upon the thought of me flaunting them.. Better to not know then be picked on.. Believe what you want, I do..

Thank your gods for video games..


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